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Summertime, sorta

G'day all!


Summer is the best time to be in Seattle, really.  It's been a little San Jose (Bay area, California) here recently - not the heat but the mornings have been foggy and a little tardy in clearing, but once it has cleared?


Summer makes winter almost worthwhile, cos to have these summers, we have to have crap winters.

I walked up to Sunset Hill again this evening and watched the Sun set.  It is moving back down the Olympic Peninsula again, quite clearly moving towards its winter solstice home.

The Sun was setting in front of me, the Moon rising behind...  The Moon is full tonight and apparently again tomorrow night.   Mt Rainier was clearly visible and nicely pinked up with the setting sun.  The breeze was so light as to not be there and it was a pleasant 22 or 23C.

These are the evenings that make my heart happy.

It has been a quite relaxing weekend.

Yesterday we had breakfast (brunch by the time we had waited 55 minutes for a seat!) with some of Nat…

The Ides of July

G'day all!

I can't believe time is whizzing past so quickly.  I am a bit worried that it will suddenly be November again.  November at home is ok - weather can be anything, but the days are lengthening out.  Here in Seattle, it is the opposite and I am not real happy with November here, even if there is a local knitting convention that falls on my birthday again this year (yay!).

So I've been busy busy with work and then this week with work and then feeling average.  I think DH brought home a virus cos we've had very similar symptoms, just a few days apart.

I am feeling a little ripped off at the moment.  It seems we had summer in June cos ever since the fourth (of July) the weather has cooled off some and we've had a few days of gloom!  But today was glorious and just in time for the Ballard Seafood Fest.  It is an odd little festival, with a beer garden boasting locally brewed beer (and probably a few non-local but I didn't check,) a salmon cookout (fresh sal…