Last time I promised...

G'day all!

Last time I promised you pics of my new socks.

How about some pics of some old socks instead? I don't think I ever showed them off, not at the same time - it took a good month for me to find them both at the same time. If I did show them off, well, go look at one of the multitude of other blogs out there.

Aren't they such a good pair?

One is an inch shorter than the other.
One has a ruffled top, one has 1x1 rib.

The pattern? Well the second sock, the one with the ribbing at the top, welllll I knitted it on the way to/from Tahoe I believe. I started making up the pattern as I went along. (I got bored and wanted to see what happened if I did random stuff. The answer? A mess!) The first sock had two different laces combined.

The yarn is Maizy, from Crystal Palace. It was a bit splitty, like all their sock yarns that I've knitted so far but y'know, deal. The yarn feels different on my feet - not like wool, not like cotton, different. Can't describe it.

Had my teeth cleaned today. Lots of probing and picking. Ack. At least he was careful with the polishing stuff. He wants me to have braces. Ack. What is wrong with my magnificent bucky-beaver? My teeth would fund his kids through medical college and grad school.



  1. I thought Maizy felt crunchy. They are very purdy socks :)

    Braces? You'd be all teenage again :)


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