Christmas comes but once a year

G'day all!

Just as well Christmas comes but once a year, even if it brings good cheer, cos it is exhausting! Making stuff, buying stuff, getting things organised and sent before The Big Day... Oddly enough, two parcels that I sent appeared on time and the other two haven't, even though they all got sent at the same time from the same post office.

So do you want to see what I got?

No? Well go look at some other blog!!

Yes? Well hang around!

Over the last little while, I've been collecting a few bits and bobs. The Snowflake book is fascinating - having rarely experienced snow falls, I am fascinated by them. I know a lot of you in the States are experiencing them too much/often/amount but they are still a novelty for me. Knit One Below is an interesting book, lots of colour, lots of things to do with colour (as long as you knit one below). Can't wait to dive in!

Oh, I already have! (OK, I read the basics and decided to play before Christmas. Spank me!)

My lovely friend Dreamcatcher sent me an Amazon voucher, so I bought a couple of different books, things that I am getting more interested in. Thanks, ever so! I appreciate it :-)

One of Nathan's friends sent both Nathan *and* me presents! I really appreciate this book too!
It's a lush book. I've already grabbed a pattern from it and am frantically knitting it up with some handspun.

The PiLs sent across a little something to keep us going - reminders of home.

Look at the coasters (you'll need to click to get to the flickr page to embiggen them). Aren't they lovely? Some of my favourite Oz plants :-)

I thought I was done with presents but suddenly Nathan hoisted this at me:
An intriguing lumpy orange sack - does Santa like orange lycra these days? There's a little something sticking out one corner...

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! A whole pile of lovely mermaid coloured yarn! (Colour is off - I thought it was right but looks wrong on Flickr)

Pretty! Such me colours. I have NO IDEA how Nathan worked out the yarn I would like, NONE AT ALL! Ahem.

Well that about wraps up (boom boom!) the goodies situation. I hope Santa was good to you too! She* was mighty good to me.

(*Santa is very aware of what I like, so aware that I think Santa in this case has to be female... ;-)

Lunch was *fantastic* if I do say so myself.
Mmmm, kosher nightmare roast - pork *and* ham! Yum! Followed by hissy fit apple pie (plum pudding needs to be made will in advance and also it doesn't agree with me so well these days, so I dug out some gf pastry recipes and screwed it up = pastry all over the kitchen when it stuck to the silicon paper and Would Not Come Off!).

Now I'm off to knit frantically on a giftee and the shop sample for the month. Oh and the kitchen clean up. Work never ends!



  1. What great presents and didn't Nathan do a great job?? Dinner looks delicious. We had turkey and ham and all the trimmings and then pudding: Nigella's choc cherry trifle and lemon and raspberry ice cream. Yum!!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. LOL,it appears you had awonderful Day! Very envious of the books!And that bag o' yarn!!
    I got what I thought,nothing knitty if you dont count what I prebought for Moi!EGMTKS Fibre Club and Ixchel Fibre,
    A bike,albeit a gold charm,gorgeous...and a personalised Number Plate that wont be here for a day or two,Ill leave you to guess what it is..stay tuned for a piccie! I and my family had a beaut day ,everyone was happy!!

  3. Great pressies, the fabric and felt books look most interesting!! I love the yarn N chose for you (well I'm assuming he did it himself!).

  4. Hope you are having a super Christmas! Thank you for the lovely fleece - I love it!

  5. Those pressies look fantastic! Sounds like a great holiday with yummy food too. Merry belated Christmas! I've had a break from my knittinkitten blog lately, but will do some updates soon. I've been on the bike a lot, so the cycling blog is getting the most attention lately. Happy New Year!

  6. Let me know which pattern you're knitting from the book, and I'll let you know if it's the one where I had to rewrite the shoulder...


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