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Solstice, almost

G'day all!

Long time no blog.  And I am soooo happy that we are nearly at solstice because the gloom is starting to get to me.  Sunset at 4:18pm is much much too early.  And the sun only rises at around 7:45am if it can be bothered.  Some days we don't actually see any sun at all - it just stays grey and dim all day long, like living in twilight.

It's been truly flat chat around here.  Late November I was making a quilt to enter into a quilt show - didn't get in but mine joins the other 75% of rejected quilts.  I'd show you pics of it but I don't have good ones of the back yet.

Ah heck, lets show you some pics of parts of the front.  I don't have good shots of the back - every time it is clear and sunny here at the moment, I'm busy doing things other than taking pics of quilts!  But I do have to hurry up and get shots because I'm donating it before Christmas, which leaves me very little time indeed!

So I'm a member of the Seattle Modern Quilt Gu…

Serendipity 2014

G'day all!

Yesterday we headed off to breakfast at our usual Saturday breakfast spot (Portage Bay in Ballard).  We like it, it is convenient for us - a short walk away - and it is filling.  It isn't cheap but you get good quality food and lots of it.  (Oddly enough I loathe paying nearly $10 for an omelette that keeps me going for only an hour or two after I eat it.  Dunno why, but with a hash from Portage Bay, I'm good until 2 or 3 in the afternoon!  And I get leftovers as well :-)

 Sigh.  We had to wait - we weren't late but everyone was getting an early start.

And then someone asked DH a question about the fleece top he was wearing, one that he bought in Taswegia twelve or so years ago (and gee, after all he's put it through, it is still looking okay if you discount the bits of paint and putty/spackle stuff).

Turns out the couple we ended up talking to have some rather compatible interests - he's a plant guy and has travelled extensively for it as his work a…

Well almost once a week....

G'day all!

I've sort of missed boring people with a post a day.

What's happened recently?

Welllll....  I am not whinging about the terrible weather because the weather hasn't been terrible.  Whilst places around and west of the Rockies have been getting snow, we've been getting very chilly nights (down to -3C!) and sunny but very cool days.  I think I prefer frosts and sunny days to manky greyness, even if the sunny days involve getting up to 6C at best and me being cold a whole lot.

I've been trying to get out and walk every day but I've failed these last two days due to having to run around after DH.  He didn't get his licence when we first moved here and it is becoming a problem with getting (or more keeping) car insurance.

So Tuesday we went to get his learner permit equivalent but couldn't cos the Department of Licensing was shut, then yesterday we went back (including driving all the way up to Lynnwood) and got that bit of paper and he sat the …

Darkness falls

G'day all!

Another manky day in Seattle.  We didn't get much rain but we certainly got plenty of cloud!

This date is a public holiday in my home city and I may have decided to take it as such.  I don't get American holidays and I have a lot of cleaning and tidying to do.

And it is a good thing that I am cleaning and tidying because I found that we have a teensy infestation of carpet beetles.  Interestingly, we don't have any carpet, just a few small cotton rugs and no rugs near where I found the only infestation that I've seen so far, just some dust bunnies, neglected paperwork and some escaped yarn.  As I continue cleaning things out, I'll keep checking for more unwanted house guests.  I'm fairly sure that my stash is okay as I haven't seen anything in the yarn I've been playing with and re-organising recently.

I guess I'll be very careful with the vacuuming over the next while.

In clearing out the laundry of its shelves and tools, (well sorta …

A new age

G'day all!

Today I am a new age.  I am two years away from a very significant birthday.

I am usually coy about how old I am but it is time to own my age.  After all, I have wrinkles and am developing a liking for lavender, as in the smelly herb, not just the colour.  I've always liked lavender as a colour.

So happy birthday to me, today I am 48.  I am allowed to be wrinkly and like lavender.

Birthdays for me are special, even more so now.  Hooray, I've made it to another birthday!  I'm still here!  See?  I'm waving, over here!  Birthdays are for being made a fuss of.  Birthdays are for doing fun things and having parties.  That is why I'm having my birthday again on Sunday.

What did I do today?

Stuff all, really.  I developed a hankering for a new pan or something to dye yarn in, but neither of the local op shops had what I wanted and the local walmart equivalent only had what I wanted if I would pay three times what I wanted to pay for a dyeing pan.  I think I…