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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to dye up some more sock yarn in my favourite colourway - lurid/all of them. I carefully set it all up so's it would self-stripe. I carefully dyed them up - oh so pretty! But a couple of places, hhmmm, so back to the dyepot.

Boy, did I get a surprise!

Y'see when you want to overdye some spots that didn't come out the expected colour and you put the pretty/bright yarn in the rest of the dyepot, you should always check what colour the dyepot water is...

I had green with a little brown in it in the dyepot water but not in the canning jars that had some more bluish dye.

So instead of brights, I got a jungle!

(It's a little blue in that shot - wonder why I didn't corrrect it?)

The colour is shown better in the closeup:
($22, 75% wool, 25% nylon, machine washable)

Then the ($25) 80% merino, 20% bamboo machine washable yarn also had the same treatment, plus it had a stripe of black:

(again a little blue)

You can see a heap of colours in the closeup :-) Just ones that tend towards greens and browns.

After that lesson, I've been somewhat more careful!

I took a tumble with some black self-striped with blue/lavender/mauve

($22. Some subtle colour blending there! 75% wool, 25% nylon, machine washable, Kroy)

A cyclone blew in with tropical blues, turquioses, a tad of mauve and some stormy water:

($22. 75% wool, 25% nylon, machine washable, Kroy)

A sleek black and orange tiger came out of the pot:

($22. His orange is on the lighter side, like the front of the pic, again 75% wool, 25% nylon, machine washable, Kroy)

Are you tired of looking at yarn yet? Well I only have some hints o some yet to be skeined up and photographed...

Storm's a comin - different to cyclone.

Brurquoise - turquoise and brown - the blue is greener, very hard to get without making the brown green too,


a paler version of the Italian flag, aka Spring Blooming:
(the shiny yarn is a 50:50 wool:tencel blend I think - it is for ME! The other is Kroy)

If you are interested in any of the yarn, let me know. Each lot pictured is enough for a lady's pair of socks and will prolly make it to a man's size 10. I think there's more yardage in the bamboo blend. They go up on Etsy next week.



  1. Ooh me likey the second one very much, great colour combo!

    I sent you something via your email - can you let me know if you got it OK? :-)


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