Friday, October 24, 2014

Aw crap!

G'day all!

So I'm knitting away on my cardigan.  Knitting knitting knitting.

Hmm, that's odd.

The needles I'm using are ... 0.5mm narrower in diameter than they should be.

Aw dangit!  I've been using the needles for the ribbing on the whole sleeve.  On both whole sleeves.

Confused rhodo.  Wrong season, dude!

Just as well that I'd only gotten about 8 rows into the new sleeve then.

Rip it back again and start with the right size needle.

Golden grove

Now the other sleeve is a full inch less in circumference.  It is the sleeve that can be snugger fitting without a problem.  Hmm.  Do I leave it or do I rip it back too?  The problem there is since the colour blocks are 20 rows each, I broke the colour off at each colour change.  With the thicker needles, I won't have enough yarn to complete the 20 rounds.

Are these birds cosmopolitan?  Yes, but this pair
might be the American species, not the Eurasian

(Can you believe I just had to do a logic check there?  And it is correct - I still have to do 20 rounds of X stitches, and the larger the diameter needles, the more yarn I'll need.  If I had to do 5cm of knitting on X stitches, I might only need about the same amount of yarn because 5cm may equal only be 15 rounds of X stitches on the bigger needles rather than 20 rounds of X stitches on the smaller needles.  The number of rows per centimetre varies depending on the needle size and the yarn.)

Red red leaves, plus some yellow

Anyway, it is amazing what a few moments of inattention can do, the cascading problems that arise from one simple mistake: I did not pick up the correct needle.

That's more like it!  Green lake!

Thank heavens it is only knitting, not something that cannot be undone,  cannot be changed.  If only all of life were like that, except I would never get past certain points, always going back and undoing and trying to just get it right this time, stuck in my own groundhog day.  Some things cannot be mended, but I can go back and fix my knitting, if I want to.  It isn't always worth it.  Some things in life are not always worth it either.

Serene not very green Green Lake

So it was not the designer's fault that the sleeves were snug, it was mine for using the wrong size needles.  Sigh.

Birches, again

Weather is still pretty average.  I have to be ready tomorrow with the emergency food and lighting as a deep low is rumbling up the coast and we are promised 30-40mph winds later in the day.  As soon as it gets windy around here, the power goes out.  We've been lucky so far but it can't last and having at least a source of light would be a very good idea.  As for cooking?  I guess we'll starve cos we have electric stove!  But we'll have hot water.

Rushes and sun

I did a little, very little, walk at Green Lake today.  It wasn't so much green (mostly) as silver, reflecting the clouds.

Silver lake.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

And now you don't

G'day all!

Oh what a brain dead day I had yesterday.

eg walk a block over to a friend's house to pick up my keys and the car.  Get said keys, chat a bit then decide to go out the front door cos it is closer.  Walk out the door with the keys in my hand, down the front stairs and then realise that I came around to pick up the car as well so I could go shopping.

And the car is around the back, in the alley.

And that wasn't the only brain in neutral moment.

Get to the supermarket, do the shopping, joke at the register, "And now is when I realise I left my wallet on the couch."

Umm, yes, I had taken it out and put it on the sofa.

Rain since yesterday at about 11am.

And there were more than those two moments!

I will blame the rain, the three hour time difference, a gluten hangover with concomitant lack of desire to eat food whilst my guts still hurt and several days of going flat chat.

At least we saw some sun today!  More on that later.

Sleeveless in Seattle.
It had to be said, didn't it?

My Stripes Gone Crazy is now getting a new sleeve.  I want to get this thing done and put to bed, or at least be wearable again.  I need all the layering stuff I can get now.  The weather has turned completely - it was brr!  chilly this afternoon!

More holiday garland than plant

YOu may have realised I love sun through leaves shots

We also had a partial solar eclipse.  Of course we had a big sunny break at the start of the eclipse, when I had forgotten all about it, and then a big storm came over and pelted us with rain and it got very dark.  An online buddy reminded me of the astronomical event happening and ARGH!

I did manage to get photos, very bad ones on the phone cos finding the big camera was beyond me, of my pinhole camera images and you can almost believe that the sun is partially eclipsed by the moon.  Almost, in the I Want to Believe X-files sorta way.

See those dots?  They are needle holes in a bit of card
The holes are round but the sun wasn't.

The days are really galloping in now.  Sunset is very distinctly before 6pm.  Sigh.  Daylight savings ends soon, wish we could really save some summer sun for winter but I guess that is what all these pics are for!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Now you see it...

G'day all!

Holy crap, it has rained today.  30mm and counting.  Seattle is stuck in another atmospheric river/Pineapple Express.  The forecast is for rain.  It is going to be grey for days if I can believe the forecast.

Must clean the deck up, when
it stops raining!

Yet on the other side of the Cascades, it was lovely due to the rain shadow!

After the triumph of getting my new cardie ready enough to wear at the first day of Rhinebeck, I am now pulling one of the sleeves out.

Sleeves, with cuffs!

Y'see I was silly enough to follow the pattern when I know, from previous experience, that the designer likes tight arms.

I have lymphedema in one arm.

This informs pretty much everything I do with that arm.  It dictates the sorts of clothes I wear, what sorts of movements (or more lack of movement and bracing and carrying) I can do with that arm, the sort of care I have to give the skin.

And I can't wear anything that binds the arm (except the medical sleeve!).  If the armhole is too tight, I can't wear that item.  If the sleeve grabs at me, I can't wear that item.

The offending sleeve

And the sleeve sorta did, especially with a layer underneath and it is wool, which the delicate parts of my skin often object to.

So a-ripping we will go!  Or better, a-frogging we will go, a-frogging we will go!  Hi ho the derry-o a-frogging we will go.

Frogging.  Rip it, rippit!

Once I have a few more stitches in that sleeve, I'll knit it down to the wrist, cos cute as 3/4 sleeves are, I don't really see the point of them.  Either it is cold enough that I want a cardie on or it is warm enough that I don't, and if I'm wearing a tank top I can't wear a wool cardie anyway - I grab a cotton one.

Then I will have to pull out the cuff and knit the other sleeve to the wrist as well!  This means the cardie will take just over two full skeins of the main colour and one full skein of the contrast (which may be one reason for the shorter sleeves in the pattern!).

I got heaps of comments on the cardie, btw - people asking me about it or more often saying they had it in their ravelry queue and they want to make it but hadn't seen it on.  It does have its quirks but it is still striking.  And I will have a shoot of it when it is done!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


G'day all!

I'm back!
Not a bad view

It was a bit of a whirlwind trip to NYC really.  I said goodbye to this view earlier today, and then jfk gave me a lovely sunset

But I'm home now and Seattle has given me a warm welcome home, or at least a typical one.

Yep it is chilly and trying to rain.  And the forecast is chilly and most likely succeeding at rain.

One thing that quite freaked me out on the plane was seeing someone I know through the SnB knitting group in Melbourne featured on the tv options on the plane.  Stella talked about not being inspirational - she is small and in a wheelchair but why is that inspirational?  Stella is funny (she's a stand up comedian) and clever and I'd like her anyway.

Delta has entertainment consoles for all!
And if you cough up for the slightly better seats
you get food, grog and entertainment!

I also watched a very good talk about shark-proofing people, along with one that Sting gave about getting over his song-writing block.  Sting gives a powerful performance, though he doesn't really sound like Sting - he is using his chest voice I guess.

Anyway, I need to get to bed - I've had two late nights in a row.  It is nearly three am according to my body.  Yargh!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rhinebeck, day two

G'day all!

Well that was the weekend that was!  I am hammered.  Lots of walking,  overwhelming sights and sounds,  so many people....

The Miss Babs stall was a seething mass of humanity both days but I bravely fought my way in today.  I wanted me some miss babs again.  I bought some years ago in San Jose at stitches west but I deleted it from my stash when I went off tencel blend yarns.

People were going nuts over dragonfly fibres too.  Into the whirled looked like yarn eating locusts had fallen on it by the end of the show.   I haven't worked out exactly what makes one yarn dyer really popular,  apart from obvious things like the yarn harlot (my phone doesn't want to type harlot) knitting something with it.

I managed to spy a fellow bc peep simply because she was carrying a very distinctive bag.  Yay, finally got to meet someone!  I didn't manage to catch up with anyone else but life is rough,  etc etc.

You want to see my loot,  don't you?   Well you can't,  yet.  It's getting dark quote early now and it was dark by the time we got off the train,  so no pics yet.

Instead,  have a pic of a handful of the amazing shawls at the fibre optic yarn stall.  I might fire up the laptop tomorrow and see if I can do a proper post. Doing them on the phone is a pita,  and I have so many pics to share!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rhinebeck 2014, day the first

G'day all!

Last time I did rhinebeck I was totally overwhelmed.  This time?

Same deal,  even knowing what to expect.

There's so many vendors, so many things to look at and do.  Today I had dh in tow too,  and he's not really into fibery things.

You want pictures of loot, don't you?   I didn't buy that much really.  I'm trying to stick within my budget, but my cash is dwindling quickly. Also it was dark by the time we got to our accommodation for the night.

I did manage to meet up with a couple of remranters on ravelry but completely missed the bc ladies,  sigh.  The area for the meetup is just too large and I didn't really know who I was looking for,  having never met them before!  Plus there's little internet and very spotty phone network there, so even if I had copied phone numbers into my contacts, I may not have been able to reach them anyway!

Now I am sitting, looking at my new pretties and wondering what I'll make with them.  I tend to go for more variegated yarns,  which can be tricky to knit into things.  There's too much variation in colour for complicated patterns but the simpler patterns don't hold my interest.

Oh so much yarn (and fibre), so little time.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

I did it my...

G'day all!

Today was a day of walking.  It started off pretty average,  lots of drizzle and rain,  and to get food supplies I had to walk 10 blocks, poor widdle me.  The rain and wind blowing in my face made it seem a lot further.

I eventually made it back, after doing an unnecessary lap of the empire state building,  not helpful when you are lugging a bag chock full of food.

And then, suddenly it was sunny. All I did was devour half a chicken and the sun came out!  Wish that happened more often,  and if it really did work that I have to eat half a chicken (cooked,  of course!) to make the sun come out,  I'd be eating a LOT of chicken,  let me tell you!

So I took off to soho and checked out that area,  went to a lovely yarn shop there that also have lovely fabrics,  and then walked to the Friends pop up shop, labeled central perk, say and knitted in a park for a while,  walked  to a quilt shop,  where I dropped some money but thankfully got a fair whack of quilting material in return,  and finally walked back to current home and collapsed in front of the tv with my knitting.

I was halfway back when I remembered to turn on the pedometer on the phone.  After a walk to get dinner,  I only did 8500 steps,  but that isn't including half the walks I did today.

No wonder my toes hurt.  And isn't technology grand,  even if it seems I still can't insert pics where I want to in a post from the phone?