Sunday, October 19, 2014

Rhinebeck, day two

G'day all!

Well that was the weekend that was!  I am hammered.  Lots of walking,  overwhelming sights and sounds,  so many people....

The Miss Babs stall was a seething mass of humanity both days but I bravely fought my way in today.  I wanted me some miss babs again.  I bought some years ago in San Jose at stitches west but I deleted it from my stash when I went off tencel blend yarns.

People were going nuts over dragonfly fibres too.  Into the whirled looked like yarn eating locusts had fallen on it by the end of the show.   I haven't worked out exactly what makes one yarn dyer really popular,  apart from obvious things like the yarn harlot (my phone doesn't want to type harlot) knitting something with it.

I managed to spy a fellow bc peep simply because she was carrying a very distinctive bag.  Yay, finally got to meet someone!  I didn't manage to catch up with anyone else but life is rough,  etc etc.

You want to see my loot,  don't you?   Well you can't,  yet.  It's getting dark quote early now and it was dark by the time we got off the train,  so no pics yet.

Instead,  have a pic of a handful of the amazing shawls at the fibre optic yarn stall.  I might fire up the laptop tomorrow and see if I can do a proper post. Doing them on the phone is a pita,  and I have so many pics to share!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Rhinebeck 2014, day the first

G'day all!

Last time I did rhinebeck I was totally overwhelmed.  This time?

Same deal,  even knowing what to expect.

There's so many vendors, so many things to look at and do.  Today I had dh in tow too,  and he's not really into fibery things.

You want pictures of loot, don't you?   I didn't buy that much really.  I'm trying to stick within my budget, but my cash is dwindling quickly. Also it was dark by the time we got to our accommodation for the night.

I did manage to meet up with a couple of remranters on ravelry but completely missed the bc ladies,  sigh.  The area for the meetup is just too large and I didn't really know who I was looking for,  having never met them before!  Plus there's little internet and very spotty phone network there, so even if I had copied phone numbers into my contacts, I may not have been able to reach them anyway!

Now I am sitting, looking at my new pretties and wondering what I'll make with them.  I tend to go for more variegated yarns,  which can be tricky to knit into things.  There's too much variation in colour for complicated patterns but the simpler patterns don't hold my interest.

Oh so much yarn (and fibre), so little time.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

I did it my...

G'day all!

Today was a day of walking.  It started off pretty average,  lots of drizzle and rain,  and to get food supplies I had to walk 10 blocks, poor widdle me.  The rain and wind blowing in my face made it seem a lot further.

I eventually made it back, after doing an unnecessary lap of the empire state building,  not helpful when you are lugging a bag chock full of food.

And then, suddenly it was sunny. All I did was devour half a chicken and the sun came out!  Wish that happened more often,  and if it really did work that I have to eat half a chicken (cooked,  of course!) to make the sun come out,  I'd be eating a LOT of chicken,  let me tell you!

So I took off to soho and checked out that area,  went to a lovely yarn shop there that also have lovely fabrics,  and then walked to the Friends pop up shop, labeled central perk, say and knitted in a park for a while,  walked  to a quilt shop,  where I dropped some money but thankfully got a fair whack of quilting material in return,  and finally walked back to current home and collapsed in front of the tv with my knitting.

I was halfway back when I remembered to turn on the pedometer on the phone.  After a walk to get dinner,  I only did 8500 steps,  but that isn't including half the walks I did today.

No wonder my toes hurt.  And isn't technology grand,  even if it seems I still can't insert pics where I want to in a post from the phone?


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spread your little wings

And fly away. ..

G'day all!

This morning it was rainy and miserable.

And it seems I cannot insert pics in blogger on the phone... sigh., at least not in the typing interface.

It is rainy and humid where we are now.  We were lucky to avoid two downpours.

We have a pretty good view too.

Where am I?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rush rush rush

G'day all!

Everything seems to be so very busy at the moment.  I'm running from one thing to the next.

Currently I am really glad that I decided to shut the windows box down tonight instead of sleeping it.  It is doing updates and they seem to be doozies!  It's been running flat chat for about 15 minutes.  Might not help that it is running over wireless, oops.  If it did this when I was trying to work on it, and it has done updates and happily shut itself down when I've gone off to the loo or to get some water or just for a quick break, I'd be peeved!

The gas meter looked lonely

I have installed four different hydrangeas in the garden.  It is missing hydrangeas, though it has one rhododendron and four lavender bushes.  Now it is no longer missing hydrangeas.

Now it has three hydrangeas near it.
I may have to prune them.

This one has lovely autumn leaves

And this one has an iris buddy, also
a new transplant

It is getting to be late in the planting season now but the soil is still pretty warm and the rains have started so the plants will get their roots going before next summer.  Hopefully they won't be drowned in the mean time....

The quinces are all peeled and chopped up and now being bottled, well two quart jars are at least.  I thought I'd get a bit more of them than that.  There's only a couple of cups of them left over, and the bottom of the pot is in a bit of a state.... they still taste yummy despite the overt, ahem,  caramelisation.   Anyway I thought quarts would be the right amount for making decent sized crumbles and tarts out of, and if they are too big, I shall just have to make the twice in a week!  Woe is us.

I've made great strides with work, which is excellent as we really want to have products out there and people buying them.  It doesn't mean the product is released but it is making its way through testing.  Yay!

We even got a bit of a light show at sunset after a fairly dreary day.  How amazing!

And now it is well and truly time for bed.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Argh, faster, faster!

G'day all!

I'm going to An Event on the weekend.  I'll tell you more when I'm there.

For this Event, I have to have a new piece of knitwear ready for said event.


Lovely button bands

All of the bands are done, thank heavens, the ends have to be woven in and oh did



that it only has


of one sleeve done?

The lonely part sleeve

I am intending to wear a long sleeved cardigan, not a short sleeved one or a vest/waistcoat.  Or some weird half sleeve on one side and a long sleeve on the other.

I can see that I will still be knitting this on the way to the Event.

I shall blame work for it - I worked two days that I normally don't work on but when we are trying to get products out the door, it takes a bit of extra effort.  I've basically been insanely busy recently, trying to clear the decks.

nb the quinces still await me finishing them off and either freezing or bottling them.  And one of my eyes is getting a tic...


Sunday, October 12, 2014

A miracle

G'day all!

I'm keeping up the blogtobering, even when I have little of major excitement to report.  Well little if you don't like quinces, but if you do like them and are local or visiting, well do I have treat for you!

Today I started peeling and chopping up these:


And you know what?

I have no skinned knuckles or any cuts.

I blame sharp knives for this miracle.  Sharp knives cut through quinces, which can be a bit woody, really easily.

Admittedly I've only done about ten or so quinces so far and have many to go but after boiling them over and making a smelly burning mess on the stupid flat top stove that we have, I had to stop for a while.

Tomorrow I get to play with quinces again!  They do smell lovely when they cook up and they go a very pretty colour too  :-)

And at last the weather is taking the dive we've been promised for a few days now.  It greyed over completely today.  We got that skylight in just in time because the forecast for the whole week is at least 50% chance of rain and maximum temps dropping down to 13C!   I can see I should've run the heater today to clean out the smell of burning dust.  Whoops!  Ah well.  Live and learn, or in my case live ;-)