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By popular demand

G'day all!

This post is brought to you courtesy of my friend A.  She told me I'm not posting enough.  She is correct!

So since my last endeavours at posting... Umm... Yes I've been making lots of stuff!  Lots and lots of making!  Alas not so much photographing of things I've been making because the weather went a bit manky and getting shots in good light was not easy, then I forgot all about getting pics when the weather was better.

Let's see what we've got in the vault.

I bought a crap tonne of acid dyes.  These will dye protein fibres such as wool and silk (and nylon).  I foresee many happy hours playing with the dye pot.

My big sewing machine is eating up quilts.  It is so much easier to free motion quilt things on it, and when I fix up the table so it doesn't rock around, it will be even better.  I won't be able to blame the wonky bits on the table moving with the quilt then, it will be all my fault instead.

I've managed to catch up on a number …