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G'day all!

Long time no post.  I have the nasty feeling I didn't post because I'm a bit stupid and got too hot.

Yes, it got hot in Seattle.  I seem to remember saying last time that there are two things I never thought I'd say in Seattle:
1) It's too hot, and
2) We need rain.

Well I have a third thing to say:

3) Too much sun.

The tomato and the eggplant at the ends of two raised beds are going great guns, as is the tomato by the house.  They are setting fruit like crazy.  I've got hopes of even getting one ripe eggplant, which will equal the record of anything I've grown in Melbourne.

But the rest?  I had to go and get shade cloth for the vegie patch to get things growing.  I know that sounds absurd but they were in full sun from about 8am to 7pm and apparently between that, the northerly wind and the complete lack of rain (artificial rain is supplied to them, from the tap), none of the seedlings were growing.  None of them.  Three weeks of sun.  15 days in…