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Home, glorious Home

G'day all!

What an exciting few weeks I had!

We flew Home for over a month.  Yep, home to Australia.

I was having a very big birthday you see and wanted to be in Oz for it.

Turns out my government wanted to send me a birthday present - it was a bit late for my birthday but hey... My government cares about my innards and doesn't want me to die early.

The trip (and the birthday) were most excellent.  I caught up with a lot of friends (and missed some but hey, they didn't contact me after I directly contacted them) and got to see family and new family.  And I didn't do the screening because I already am being screened.

The US Department of State (which grants us visas to live here as temporary residents) will be very pleased to know that I still call Australia home (gah, can't handle this in any of its versions and when I read the comments, I'm not the only one).  It is most definitely Home.  This is handy because our visas do make it clear that we need to maintai…

A summer of lace, part one

G'day all!

I thought I should do a knitted finished object post - I've been knitting like crazy for the last couple of months.

I've been taking part in a knitalong my favourite group on Ravelry (RemRants), Summer of Lace 2016.  I guess it isn't so much a knitalong where you all do the same pattern as a group encouragement thing where we show off what we've been knitting and it should have some lace in it.

A couple of weeks ago I took some of my new knits down to the beach and did a photo shoot of them and a quilt I finished months and months ago.

First, for your delectation and delight, we have Dawn:

The pattern is Girdle of Melian by Raven Knits Designs (links go to Ravelry).  Light yarn is aptly named Dawn, in a silk, wool and seacell blend by Fidalgo Artisan yarns.  Its colour is more subtle than my pics show.  It really looks like that clear blue light of just before sunrise.  The darker edging yarn is Mora, 100% silk, in Azules by Mmmmalabrigo.

More driftwood!…

Life happens, even when you aren't looking!

G'day all!

Time is slipping through my fingers.  How did it get to be near the end of the day already?  How can I not have blogged for all of August?  How can it be September already?  Signs of autumn are showing up everywhere - stressed trees are losing their leaves, non-stressed trees are starting to go orange and red....

My garden is going bonkers but I'm starting to worry that I won't get many more tomatoes ripened.  I've got many many green tomatoes, like I'd say at least 20 kilos/50 lb of the things are still green.  The weather has been pretty average the last week or so, though it is meant to become a bit sunnier now.

I would like my eggplants to keep producing/start producing.  The little finger sized ones have been going great guns but the bigger ones have only really just started getting into it.  The capsicums are coming along nicely though I'm learning not to expect too many fruit off the one plant.  I only seem to get three or four capsicums off m…

Time to breathe!

G'day all!

Life has been hectic for the last while.  Nothing bad has happened, I've just been busy.

I put us in for the edible garden tour and confirmed just after we got back from England.  Who knew that there was so much to be done in the garden?

And then my in-laws arrived three days after the garden tour.  It may not surprise you to know that clearing the study was a laborious process?  My knitting, quilting and computer room became their bedroom for nearly three weeks.

The in laws left yesterday evening.

What did we do whilst they were here?  The first week involved puttering around and waiting for good weather, not pretty average weather.  We took off to Artist Point at Mount Baker on one fairly clear day.

The second week DH and his dad started building a shed.  The shed will hold the bikes and the mower and plywood and stuff.   DH and I have to deal with the windows, the gables and the shingles.  We were inspired by a pretty shed we saw in someone else's yard and th…

Quietness and a trip to the seaside

G'day all!

I've been quiet recently.  Firstly I was flat chat getting ready for us to get new visas, then we went and got new visas and then had to get over the jetlag!

No excuses now though, we've been back for a week.

We were lucky enough to visit London, the London, the one in England.  Again! We had such an excellent time!  I walked and walked and walked.  My poor feet nearly fell off.  Thank heavens the weather became glorious after the first few days and I could wear my Tevas.

I sorta wonder why I like London so much.  I think it is the energy.  London isn't sad and dirty anymore, it is alive and doing stuff.  So many things happening there.  Of course it is a very big city with a lot of people so I guess there should be things happening all the time.  We've also been blessed with the weather we've had in our last two trips there (though I did get to wear both the raincoats I purchased specifically for this trip!).  But why like London more than say Paris…