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Mental note to self #564

G'day all!

I thought the day was improving a little, not so sure now! I give you a transcript of my recent experience after eating lunch:

me: stunningly horrible discovery.
me: Rice chips are horrid when yoy brush your teeth after them.
dh: ok
dh: I'll avoid that then
me: the rice and the mint combine to create a smell that is very very reminiscent of mouse pee in wood shavings...
dh: rotfl
me: (I'm guessing the taste would be similar too but I haven't tried mouse pee on wood shavings...)
me: (this may or may not surprise you)
dh: it doesn't, actually

So I must remember not to combine the two cos really? FOUL!

(Thanks, Anne, for the tip on the downpipe. Alas I cannot reach it unless I climb out the window into the fenced off access way. The bottom of the window is at least 6 feet off the ground - I may never be seen again if I go out there.)

Here's a little eye candy for you. Hope you like flowers!

Or maybe you like your plants all trussed up, in which case you will lov…

I hate car alarms

especially car alarms that keep on going for FIVE MINUTES in the middle of the night. Between that, the baby upstairs, the RAIN!!! and the downspout outside our bedroom trickling water (am sensitive to trickling water sounds, usually means Bad Things), I may be a little grouchy today....

Contents revealed!

G'day all!

There have been Events Afoot today! I went and fixed something up but we are keeping mum on it for the time being. Soon all will be revealed!

Plus it rained! This is only the second time it has rained since June. We got rain on Oct 4 - I have Proof!

(as long as you can deal with the video being sideways, and I don't know if this will work - time will tell.)

Some people might think that rain is dull and boring but when it doesn't rain very often, rain is Exciting! Before the rain came a lot of wind - I guess a cold front swung through. With the wind came a LOT of spruce pollen - cars were covered with it! They were all a funny lime yellow. The ground was/is coated with it. Then came the rain showers. So Exciting!

But you aren't here to hear me enthuse about rain. (How I've missed it!) You want to know what was lurking in (and apparently trying to escape from) the box!

This was in the box!

Maybe if I take it out, we can see it better.

Yes, it's a c…

More fleece pr0n

G'day all!

I am a total fleece bore at the moment. I have been having a lovely time going through my SIX new fleeces and washing some up just to see how it comes up.

So meet Ms Cormo. Here she is all cocooned up,

and released! Blessed release!

Ms Cormo lacks a name - she seems to just be Another Sheep. Just Another Sheep. Maybe I should call her Jas.

Her locks are not impressively long - much of the fleece seems only to be a couple of inches long. I found some that are a little longer.

I was not so impressed with taking out nearly a pound of fleece cos it had a fair amount of embedded muck/VM/poo in it.

(Not that you can see much of the mucky bit in this shot)

This was a fleece that had a blue dot from the judging (which you can see in the released shot above), which means it is a very good spinning fleece, well skirted and clean. I'm not so sure the judge looked at the whole fleece. But I am very happy with what I've washed up so far. Very white, very soft! Roll aroun…


G'day again all!

I've gotta get rid of some links. None of them are fibre links, so totally OT

If this doesn't worry you, nothing will. Just hold still whilst we get some x-rays of your hands as you rip the tape off the roll.... Wonder if sales of sticky tape will drop now?

Two stories on photo - voltaics. Remember how plastic is non-conductive? Well that second story makes one think again.

The most bizarre (and teensy) walking house.

Could helmet hair drive climate change? Would helmet hair stop you from cycling?

I've washed a whole bunch o fleece now and is it luscious! I would roll around in it if it was dry. I feel like I've Made Progress on it, except I have a whole bunch more to go, like at least another 10 lb.. Now only if the UPS man would show up with my box... Speak of the devil, he just did! Is it sexist to say UPS man given that I've never seen a female UPS delivery person?) Now I can find out what is in the box! LOL


Rhinebeck Fleece Pr0n

G'day all!

Busy days here. I can't imagine what it would be like if I was working. The place is a shambles maybe because I am home and somewhat unfocussed.

I have lots of pics to share of all sorts of things but I'll try to keep it in order.

I was thinking maybe I'll start doing Eye Candy Monday (instead of the hordes that do Eye Candy Friday) as many of us need a little pick me up on Mondays. Then I realised that I have Eye Candy, or at least fleece pr0n.

So without further ado, I give you

A cocoon! Feet included in pic to give idea of size.

Let me introduce Laura, now that she is released from her cocoon. All 4.75lb of her.

Laura is a CVM/Romeldale ewe from Black Pines Sheep in Colorado. She has lovely variegated grey fleece. Some of her fleece is sparkling white (well once washed it will be)

and some is a light grey, and a whole lot is sorta speckled.

Like all CVM, she has more than one colour fleece, and more than one colour within each lock. Don't you just wa…

Post-Rhinebeck hangover

G'day all!

Well I reckon I've got the hangover good and proper now. It's always the way - you look forward to something for ages, it hits like a runaway train and then is gone, and afterwards you keep thinking, dang, wish I'd bought that or blast, why didn't I talk to so and so, or crikey someone I've wanted to meet for AGES was there and I didn't see them! It would be nice if I was the sort of person people want to meet but whatever. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Alternatively, I'd be a very rich person. But even if I was rich, I still only have two hands with which to spin or knit or dye. Much as I want to, I can only do whatever my two hands can do, and having LOTS of EVERYTHING is fairly pointless. Anyway, I'd prefer to have the good regard of my fellow humans (bloggers) than have lots of money. I'd like to be the sort of person that people want to meet or even just someone who can reply to comments and who gets a lot of …

Rhinebeck Ramblings

G'day all!

Well well well. Rhinebeck. What do I say about Rhinebeck?

First of all, it didn't seem as big as I expected it to. This doesn't mean it wasn't big, it just means that it wasn't as vast as I had thought it was. It still was *plenty* big though - there were purveyors of marvellous fibre and yarns that I never managed to get back to again, much to my regret but the relief of my chequebook (how quaint! A chequebook, and vendors who are all too happy to take cheques - safer than cash and no merchant fees).

I got to see vendors of spinning wheels and spindles that I had heard all about for years, I got to see the cutest little teensy travelling wheel you ever did see (a wee Robin)

(seen here first with Etherknitter and then Risa, both headless as I have a very special knack of getting the very worst pics of people)

I saw Bloggers In Person that I have "known" or known of via blog for years (eg Risa, Etherknitter, Margene/Zeneedle, CaroleKnits, Enchan…


G'day all!

Just got a message from JetBlue. I had to report the damage to the suitcase at the airport or within four hours, or by about midnight on Monday night. I should've reported it at the airport. Given that there were no people who obviously worked for JetBlue there, just airport people, and I was VERY VERY VERY hungry, I just came straight home. The only things I found to eat in NYC and the airport were two munchie bars, a soyghurt and a drinkable soyghurt, and nothing at all in the SJ airport. I hate airports for that very reason - everything they offer is wheat based or cheese stuff, and the few fruit offering are likely to cause me embarrassing gastro-intestinal problems.

Now we are down a suitcase.


All cos they have rules that they set without telling people. I am not from this place, I don't know what the rules are but I am expected to know by osmosis or something.

I wonder if we can find a decent set of new wheels for the case, or if it would jus…

OMG - weird larvae in my suitcase!

G'day all!

I am guessing you want to see the stash enhancement from Rhinebeck, yes?

Well, it will have to wait a little longer.

But I can reveal that this bulging suitcase (minus a wheel, sadly not the busted wheel)

When opened

Revealed not just my STR Marble Arches socks seen in the foreground, but




(PS I have not got an email entitled "I missed the train" from DH this evening. I am glad of that! But I did get one entitled that yesterday. Ooops!)