An ancient FO

G'day all!

I don't think I ever posted pics of my pinwheel sweater - I finally finished it in autumn of last year. It was mostly done before we left Oz but something needed to be fixed. I can remember knitting it whilst watching Dr Phil (and one or two eps of Oprah, but that was all of Oprah, honest! Dr Phil was more fun to watch).

Anyway, I finished it ages ago, it went to Rhinebeck and was commented on there but let's facwe it, whilst it is very me colours, it is not fashionably dark and sophisticated.

Do I care?

Do fish ride bicycles?

I *love* mermaid colours, and this jacket falls right in that definition. (OK I also love rainbow colours and aquamarine and ultramarine and magenta and royal purple and electric blue and cobalt blue and that wild violet colour, and pastel rainbows too!)

Here it is resting on some fallen leaves

A closeup of the pinwheel swirl. These are the most accurate colours - th rest are a bit overexposed on my monitor.

The join between body and detachable arm.

It is all knitted from my handspun. The outer 10cm of the pinwheel were fudged yarn - I ran out of the delightful hand-painted tops and had to substitute tops from my stash. One ply is light spring green/celadon green, the other varies. Some of the mauve areas have a little matching silk spun in. This was the first big batch of yarn I spun.

In other news, I am fighting off Nathan's cold - he's been dreadfully snotty and phlegmy. I do NOT want a cold! I want to go see the Leonardo exhibit tomorrow and then go for a nice drive down the coast and across to Yosemite (or vice versa). Being attached to a box of tissues and hankies is not in my plans!

I should have recent FOs to show off shortly. Or almost FOs. Hooray!

BTW, I've updated my Etsy shop. I've dropped prices on stuff and added more cos even if I am only getting back costs plus $4 an hour, I don't want all this yarn cluttering up the place! It is lovely yarn. It would make someone happy. It is most definitely tough times - two more yarn shops that I've been to are shutting shop, making a total of five since we moved here almost a year ago. (Commuknity, Creative Hands, Knitting Arts, umm one further up the Peninsula, and the Rug and Yarn Hut.)

PS. For locals, there's a sale on at Bobbin's Nest on the 30th and 31st. Don't buy my yarn and material before I get there!



  1. It's very pretty - have you got any photos of you wearing it?

  2. Very pretty! I love the idea of the detachable arm. Could be a coat...could be a vest...

  3. Great Pinwheel sweater, Lynne. Now we need to see a shot of you actually wearing it. Tell Nathan to get better and put on his photographer hat!

    Will this be your first trip to Yosemite? It is a mind-boggling place. Very cold in winter, though...rug up!

    BTW, check my blog for pics of new socks in Panda Silk...gorgeous yarn. Also a new baby quilt -- turned out great, if I say so myself!


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