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G'day all!

I've been holding off blogging because I wanted to show you our newly repainted and with various leaking bits fixed bathroom but umm well it was meant to be done over a month ago and yeah....  It is getting there though, so that is good.

So what else do I have to say?

It is now six years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Six years.  I didn't expect to survive one, to be honest, after some family experiences with it.  I had my five year check up a few weeks ago - why five year?  Because they base survivorship off of when you have the operation, and I chose to have chemotherapy first so that I could tell if it was having an effect on the tumour.  Plus I got to be part of a study and got extra tests run because of it.  And because I moved to the States after a couple of years and the timing of various tests got mucked up, the check up that should've been in August got bumped to October and then November and once I believe December.

Anyway I had my five…