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Quietness and a trip to the seaside

G'day all!

I've been quiet recently.  Firstly I was flat chat getting ready for us to get new visas, then we went and got new visas and then had to get over the jetlag!

No excuses now though, we've been back for a week.

We were lucky enough to visit London, the London, the one in England.  Again! We had such an excellent time!  I walked and walked and walked.  My poor feet nearly fell off.  Thank heavens the weather became glorious after the first few days and I could wear my Tevas.

I sorta wonder why I like London so much.  I think it is the energy.  London isn't sad and dirty anymore, it is alive and doing stuff.  So many things happening there.  Of course it is a very big city with a lot of people so I guess there should be things happening all the time.  We've also been blessed with the weather we've had in our last two trips there (though I did get to wear both the raincoats I purchased specifically for this trip!).  But why like London more than say Paris…