Something nice

G'day all!

After the last panicked post, I have to show you something nice.

Last year I was a member of the Rockin Sock Club (but I lost the last mailing, boo hiss for moving at the wrong time of the year and not having a forwarding address and not having told Blue Moon cos I didn't realise I didn't have all six mailings cos everything was in storage = no last mailing for me! They told me so - unless it is returned, they won't send me it. Isn't it a federal offence to throw out someone else's mail?).

So how about we look at the second last pair of socks since I can't ever show you the last 2007 pair.

Lenore, top down socks by the Yarnharlot. Pretty, isn't she? or they really.

As always I modified the pattern. See the different toes? I decided not to keep the pattern going to the toe of the second sock as I keep sticking my second toe's nail through the hole at the tip. That is probably a bad thing to do.

And the heels are different too. Do not adjust your set, cos....

Oh and the length of the socks is different cos someone didn't have the instructions with her when she knitted the heel and foot of the second sock. Ooops. But they are still pretty. And the difference in colour and yarn texture shows what happens when one sock is worn six times and machine washed a number of times (never tumbled dry though).

I started these socks when the yarn came out around Halloween. They took a long time to finish simply as a result of knitting three other pairs of Christmas socks, two hats, a face warmer/neck gaiter, a scarf and some other random stuff like travelling around the US for half of November and Canada for most of December.

It is so nice to have another "pair" of socks.



  1. Your Leonore socks are beautiful! I hope your final instalment turns up in the end - maybe the people who are living in your house will keep it there for you?

  2. I just got my first installment for 08,very fast post,didnt expect to see it forat a month from post out!! Very pleased with the colour and wool,I presusme I ant post piccy as others may be waiting... Love your socks,givs me incentive to start mine(as soon as I find a set of needles free among the many sets I have ,LOL)

  3. Ooooo, those socks are gorgeous, Lynne! I love the yarn, too. Your modifications were sensible ones, I think...who needs a tootsie poking out?!

    I've never joined a sock club because I thought the postage to Australia would make it all too expensive...not true?

    Hope you're settling in to your new apartment in Campbell, and that the job situation will settle out soon!

  4. Oh they are ever so pretty ,I do love the pattern and the yarn is yummy too.
    Thank you so much for my award I feel ever so humbled and gratfull at the same time by your generosity and lovely words :0

  5. I'm with you on the wanting to get settled feeling. Boxes............. I don't want to see another one ever again......... and then I walk into my family room where it is over run with the buggers.

    At least we have the knitting, those socks are beautiful.

  6. Thise are truly fabulous socks, I love the colour. Such a shame about that last mailing too.


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