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Totally OFFF!

G'day all!

I must say I did go totally OFFF, thank heavens not like a raw prawn in the sun.

And can someone remind me that next time I go to a fiber festival that taking my spinning wheel would be a good idea?  At least if I drive my car there.  My wheel does fit into a suitcase very easily but lugging it around for a weekend is not so much fun.

The drive took a lot less time than I thought.  Portland is only 3.5 hours south of here and when I5 is running smoothly, it is a trouble free trip.  Portland itself is quite small - it does spread out sideways a bit but compared to what I'm used to (cities of 3-4 million people) it seems quite compact and the 4pm on a Friday traffic was laughable.  Maybe two miles of stop start traffic in two bursts and that was it.  It looked interesting and I want to go visit Portland itself properly.  We could catch the train there - it costs more than driving but it only takes 3.5 hours (same as driving!!!) and then we could just wander around on …

I am going OFFF!

G'day all!

Rather excited.  After I've unpacked the dishwasher, done the vacuuming and taken the rubbish out, I am going OFFF!

Yes, I'm driving down to the Orgeon Fleece and Fiber Festival.  It should be good!  Portland is only about four hours away and OFFF is not much further, so it is all excitement :-)

I also have a quilt to show off but I work in the afternoons usually and the mornings have been foggy/smoggy/smoky and not at all good for picture taking.

See you next week, when I will probably have lots of pics and maybe some new, ahem, stash...


Interesting, to me at least

G'day all!

Today I trundled down to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in South Lake Union for my two year checkup.

In Oz, I get to do scans and bloodtests before I go, here, it's the other way around.

The oncologist I saw was quite impressed with the chemo I had - FEC (fluorouracil, epirubicin and cyclophosphamide) is not commonly used in the States, presumably because of its side effects, but I tolerated it a whole lot better than I did the taxotere.  She was mighty impressed with the dose of that too - I think I got the highest dose they are game to give people.  I was so glad to get off taxotere - at the time I thought I was doing pretty well though in hindsight....  I am too trusting and the oncologist I saw was very encouraging, but jeez I had some issues.  Anyway, if it really was such a high dose, no wonder I felt, no I was hammered by it.  Two years on, I am pretty good - the most annoying things I've noticed are some of my nails are still wonky (multilayered, tendi…

another 8th anniversary

G'day all!

I must trouble you again for congratulations on making it to eight years of something.

Today it is eight years of marriage.

A miracle.

I would share pics of us over the years, but last week I upgraded the operating system on my laptop and umm, well I busted it and it is Too Hard to get them off the server.  My almost five year old laptop is now a fancy shaped brick.  Actually, it was not my fault that:
a) Canonical (creators of Ubuntu) left a typo in one of the files or commands, which means that python (programming language) busted, which then meant that my new version of Ubuntu has problems, and
b) Acer and linux have issues about the handling of the fan driver, which combined with the busted python means my laptop gets stuck at the point where the fan stuff happens and goes around and around in a never ending loop until it overheats and shuts down.

It is handy that I have a work laptop which is currently functional and I hope it remains so but I have very little of m…