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California here we've come

G'day all!

We've been in California almost a week now and I have neglected the blog in favour of catching up with a few people and umm, doing lots of shopping...  Just as well we only brought one suitcase with us cos I had to go buy another one.

You want pics?  I only have pics of NYC.  I have some from the coast here and a couple of sunset and some from a bay cruise up out of SF but you don't come to San Jose for the scenery.

We are about to take off for the weekend to visit the Sierra Nevadas, Lake Tahoe, etc.  If I am lucky, I might see some aspens in their fall colours.  I love aspens.  I've seen them naked, in first flush of leaves, in full leaf but never really in their yellow fall party dresses.

I have to run - we are picking a friend up from the station in an hour and we are by no means ready yet.


We have escaped New York

G'day all!

We have escaped New York city.  It is a most fabulous place but totally OTT.  I have pics to share but not until we have real internet.  And I had a lovely time meeting up with my crazy fiber lady friend (links later) and a Ravelry BC mate.

We have left our teensy hotel room (apparently they used to be girls' dorms from way back when) and now are lounging in comfort in a Holiday Inn.  We appear to have a king size bed with a pillowtop or maybe memory foam.


(Excuse me whilst I roll around on it, enjoying the support and softness.)

Apparently I am about 60-70, or at least my body appreciates some good old fashioned comfort.

(Our $368/night plus fees and taxes and charges bed was like a rock.  Me and rocks don't get along too well.  Also the bathroom was so small in the previous hotel that I wanged my head on the wall trying to get out from under the water jet aka the shower and you could not sit straight on the toilet - you hit your knees on the wall.  He…

New York, New York

G'day all!

Sorry, no pics yet.  Our internet allowance is minute, rather like our hotel room.  But I'm in NYC and it is very NYC.  Lots of traffic, lots of noise, lots of horns and squealing tyres (I have no idea how they manage to squeal tyres when it is bumper to bumper traffic).  Lots of people.

I have not seen too much in the way of people cutting back on spending.  There are people shopping until they drop.  Wholefoods was doing a roaring trade.  (Oh how I've missed you, Wholefoods!  Your glorious $1.99 a pound organic apples... your beautiful cheap organic produce (organic veg in Oz is expensive) ... your huge range of gluten and dairy free icecream... your gluten and dairy free frozen meals... rice chips... and today I even found some decent fresh GF and DF bread!  But our minute hotel room doesn't have a fridge or a microwave so I have to hold off until we are in San Jose.)  Then again I guess I am in one of the most expensive cities in the world, at least this…

Onwards, outwards, upwards

G'day all!

Looks like the big G is having a few issues at present - I can't post under the new Blogger interface and then when I provided feedback as to why I've swapped back to the old version, the Google doc failed.  So some lucky engineer somewhere has to sort that out.

Wonder if this post will go through.

I am looking forward to visiting friends in the States.  They'll notice a few changes - I'm wrinklier and my hair is somewhat shorter and darker (though given it has not had a chance to sunbleach yet and I've done the chemo thing, it isn't that surprising).

(Rosa laevigatum has beaten all the roses to flowering)

Spring is definitely sprung here - over the last two weeks, the trees have suddenly sprouted beautiful lime green leaves.  I love spring green.  The wisteria is in flower as are the crab apples.

But I am feeling a bit flat.  My story writing has slowed down quite a bit and I feel a bit lonely.  Odd that I should miss characters that are like ima…

I can haz haircut

G'day all!I had my first proper haircut this arvo. I got rid of the duck's butt/mullet, and have a style cut.Is skeered now.Is looking like my mother. Except my photo is skewed again... It must be a bug in mobile blogger.Is very skeered.But the haircut is pretty cute.Must work out what I am taking to the usa...  We leave on tuesday!This extremely shallow post brought to you by poet's day.Anon!

She sews socks by the seashore

G'day all!

I am sure some of you have entirely forgotten I started this blog to share my knitting conquests. It has gone a little sideways from there over the last while, and I fear it will go more sideways yet.

But at last I have found the pics I took of the Tardis socks, though they are not the Best Evah shots. I embroidered on half the Tardis markings whilst sitting on a park bench at Glebe Point.

Do you like the view the socks (and I) had? That's the Anzac Bridge with the Sydney Harbour Bridge underneath it.  I admit that there isn't too much of the seashore there, more just a border of rocks but it is still a very pleasant place.

The finished socks do not have Police Box embroidered on them as the sock yarn was too thick.  As it was, I bollocksed up part of it trying to write police box on and had to duplicate stitch over the manky bit...  Shhh, don't tell anyone, ok?  :-)

Hmm, blogger has a new interface and I am not sure I like it as much as the old one.  O…