Socks for May

G'day all!

May is usually my flat month (three significant death anniversaries) but the last week has been rockin' so that is good :-)

I thought things were not going so well when the Holy Blessed Sock (ie the sock that had been held by the Great One herself, aka the yarnharlot) took two weeks to knit. Oh my. 76 stitches and 2mm needles and it just draggggggged onnnn and onnnnnnnnnn and onnnnnnnnnnnn.

So I finally got it to the point where I could cast it off and forget about it for the time being. I thought it killed my sock mojo.

may socks 2008 CPY panda cotton
Got these ones done in a WEEK!

may socks 2008 CPY panda cotton
I really enjoyed knitting these. I think it showed in that it took very little time to knit them.

may socks 2008 CPY panda cotton
Yarn is Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in colourway Strawberries and Limes, I think (can't find the labels lurking - they will appear sooner or later). The colours are closest in the first and last pics, at least on my laptop which has very wonky colour balance. I used 2.5mm needles and a few less stitches than normal (58 or 60 compared to 64). They are toe up, as I prefer, using one of Cat Bordhi's sockitectures. I placed the gusset increases on either side 3 stitches from the sole.

may socks 2008 CPY panda cotton
Heels are eye of partridge cos I *really* like it and it looks so pretty with patterned yarns.

Now I have to finish the current sock, which I am not enjoying as much cos I am winging a lace pattern and it isn't right but heck it is on a SOCK and who is going to see it? I also have a little top down raglan bolero I am working on - I am knitting it continental to ensure that I know what I am doing when I run a knitting class on it in a couple of weeks. So far so good! :-)



  1. Congratulations on the finishing!!

  2. Congrats on the speedy socks! I LOVE that pattern! It looks perfect in that colorway too.

  3. Oh I think these socks are really pretty! Congrats on such speedy socks!

  4. Lovely socks! Glad to hear you've had a rockin week!

  5. Love those socks, the colours are wonderful!

    Knitting class?! Woot!

  6. What gorgeous socks!! Love the pattern and the colours. We can buy the Panda sock yarn here now: I bought some Violet which is pansy and green colours. Good thing your mojo is back!!!


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