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Moving right along

G'day all!

Lots of things are happening around here at the moment.

DH and friends have been slaving on the garage.  Seriously.  Last weekend two different lots of people came round and got totally soaked working in the pouring rain and helping reframe and roof the garage.  We really really appreciate their help!  Today another friend came round and pretty much all of the framing is done, only the (short) north wall needs to be done at this point, then we can close in the walls again, put in new windows and doors and do the final, proper roof rather than the temporary plywood one... and get it inspected and put insulation in and then plasterboard and and some flooring....  Only a little bit of work to go!  LOL

It is good to see progress being made.  More than good, exciting!

I finished my quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake challenge.  I know a number of people obsessed about what to make.  I sewed strips together with some solids and then played with my Hex n more ruler a…

Bits of everything

G'day all!

Oh what a busy time we've been having here, yet so far we don't have that much to show for it!

I was away last weekend at the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild retreat.   I was rather concerned before going - I have Food Issues, as regular readers will know.  I couldn't find the power cord and pedal for my sewing machine, noisy and heavy and slow beast that it is... but it is better than nothing!  Also, because of this ongoing issue with my vocal cord, I make interesting noises when I'm asleep and apparently now snore as well.


So the idea of having to share a room was umm, intimidating.  The food issue also intimidating and not having anything to sew on?  DOH!  Then there is the small issue of spending a weekend with people I don't know.  For some people this would be the Best Thing Evah but for an introvert?  It's a form of hell.

As it turned out, I had a perfectly marvellous time.  The food was fine - they are used to catering for pe…