Reticule, reticula!

G'day all!

I have been working on these socks for a while. I finally finished them a bit over a week ago. I thought I'd get the pattern written up by now but nope! I am such a slacker.


I call them reticula (from the Latin for "net").


The yarn colour is what happens when I skein up a loooooooong skein to try out some new to me dyes. The yarn is Trekking Natura, and I am not totally sure that I love it, but that goes for most of the trekking yarns. The colours are great but the wool is a bit coarser than I can tolerate.


Still it is a pair of socks! Hooray! I've started on the next pair - the Kroy I dyed up. Oh am I excited about this one! If I can repeat, vaguely, the same sort of dyeing on the next yarns I dye up, I will be over the moon! Then there is Icarus, still plugging along, the cardigan I've been commissioned to make, the Christmas socks and jumper for DH, the spinning I want to do, the shawl for my SiL, the red mitts for one of my sisters....



  1. Pretty pattern!

  2. Verry nice,I love the colour and the pattern is attention grabbing!!


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