FO - shop sample cardi

G'day all!

I finally remembered to take the camera to the shop with me and got some pics of the cardi I made for them.


Details: Nashua Handknits Ecologie Cotton (rav link) in wattle (very appropriate!). 100% pima cotton. The dye colours are apparently natural dyes. The yellow doesn't show up very well in the pics but the cardi is quite obviously white and yellow when seen in the "flesh.".


This was a bit of a mongrel to knit. Keeping the pattern going through the decreases and also being cotton? Argh it got pretty hard on the hands doing the cross-overs. And it need an extra stitch or two on the edges of the body pieces to help maintain the pattern - it snugs up a bit closer than I'd like. But the result is very pretty and it should maintain its shape cos of all the ribbing in it and those cross overs.


I'd like to make this in a wool or wool blend, mebbe with long(er) sleeves.




  1. Hey, that is gorgeous. I haven't seen that kind of stitch pattern before. And I love the open neckline; very flattering.

  2. It is lovely, the lacy medallion pattern is so beautiful!!

  3. That is such a beautiful cardi - beautifully knitted, too.

  4. Ooh me likey, very pretty. Where can we find the pattern?


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