G'day all!

I've been pretty quiet recently. I've been busy. It is hard work recycling yarn, dyeing yarn, spinning yarn and trying to set up an internet site. Especially in the current climate of economic meltdown. (The good side? Every USD1000 I send home now gets us about AUD1300 - verra nice!)

We had been hoping to do a trip home but now? We think we will hunker down a bit and work on our finances (even if that does include a trip to Rhinebeck for me, a trip to Portland for Nathan and a trip for both of us for a nathan conference in Las Vegas in December).

I am going to sell off some of my stash. I have a fair bit of half-processed fleece, lots from home. I don't need it all and will likely get more US stash at Rhinebeck. I'll be listing it on my webpage once I get organised and photographed well. Organised is hard! Good photos of stuff that is dark or light and fluffy is harder!

Here's a recent finished effort for you. I call them the Fruit Tingles socks. Aussies will be able to guess why.


Can you tell which sock is inside out in many of the pics? I can wear them inside out if I want - they look pretty nifty (nipply) that way!


BMFA lightweight in Goody Goody. Pattern is my version of Goody Gum Drips (ie toe up). It's available via the sock club only for the next year.



Gosh I enjoyed this colourway. Even with the salmon in it. I love pastels. I love brights. I don't like baby poo brown (which is in the next installment but might come out ok despite that).

Extra nipply!


If I get my butt out of neutral, soon I'll show you what I dyed up today. I am thinking of being bad and giving it to a well known blogger with a pattern I am working up. Is that bad?

Should I write up a basic pattern for the little bags I posted about recently? A freebie of course cos everyone can make little bags and there are heaps of patterns out there. I'll include details of the inbuilt handle - it's easy!

Oh and I am sitting the written part of the California Driver's License test tomorrow morning at 10:30. I've done 7 online tests now and read the book over and over and over. It still has not told me who has right of way between a U-turner and a right hand turner but I know that kids under 12 are supposed to sit in the back seat and those under 6/60lb have to have approved child seats, cos after all I will transport around LOTS of little darling. Mebbe not. I'd better write down the address of where I have to go and the directions to the place eh?


PS if anyone checks this page and it breaks in their browser, I'd love to know! If it works, it will become my stash selling/recycled yarn/handspun/hand-dyed main page. If it gets big, I'll split it up some. And yes the Yarnivore image is busted - still trying to work out why that is so. But the Yarnivore is not gone!


  1. Yep, Fruit Tingles indeed. Though I always wonder how they make the multi coloured ones: is it the end of all the other colours?? The socks are very pretty and how clever you can wear them inside out!!!

  2. the page worked for me!
    Love those socks and I actually like them inside out best!!

  3. Yum - fruit tingles :) Your socks look wonderful.

  4. Love these socks. Very awesome.


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