Saturday, March 31, 2007

My lord, I bring news!

G'day all!

We are back from Colorado. We had fun. Co seems like a nice place to live. Just as well too, cos Nathan has been offered the job and has accepted it.


Now we have to do all the visa stuff. I am expecting Nathan's will be easy - they can show he is the only person for the job after interviewing 24 others. Me? Well I don't want to just be a stay at home spouse. I don't want a full time job either cos I want to have fun and see stuff and hang out in yarn stores cos the FC yarn stores are hang-out-able in.

This is going to be one helluva move. I won't be seeing eucalypts and my lovely plants for a while (unless we go to California, where Nathan saw them everywhere). I will be seeing BIG mountains. We went the highest we ever have "yesterday" (it feels like yesterday but we crossed the dateline and gained a day so it is two days ago on the calendar but only one night has passed for us. Confused yet?) when we went to Estes Park. I was quite pleased - I felt a little light headed but not bad. Admittedly I did nothing more strenuous than get out of the car, walk up some steps, down some steps and have morning tea, but remember that I live probably no more than 60m above sea level, and Estes Park is 2293m above sea level - makes a bit of a difference. Looks like I won't die if I go there for a fibre festival in June (unless of course I hyperventilate with excitement and keel over) - I will have acclimated to being a mile high in Fort Collins by then (crosses fingers) and another less than mile won't be a big difference.

Pics will follow - I only took over 400 (!!!) and now I have to sort them out and pick out good ones. For you guys in the US, it is likely to be same old, same old, but for us it was all New and Exciting. We had one day of fabulous weather - sunny and spring-like, one where the clouds didn't clear until the afternoon and one day where it SNOWED! How exciting for us! That was the day we went to Estes Park, so the Rockies were all dusted with icing sugar, or so it seemed. It was *very* cold icing sugar. And wet icing sugar.

I feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing, having met the wife of Nathan's new boss, one of his colleagues (who is a mad knitter) and Kristi. Kristi kindly took a stranger on a yarn crawl and it was Fun! Thanks, Kristi! Cathy - I'll catch up with you next time cos it now seems there will be a next time :-) (oh, crap, Kristi's now having a bit of a rough time.) I admit that my main concern is me - Nathan will get along famously with people but me? I'm a bit shy. And odd.

I'll stop blathering. I am a bit jetlagged. Having the sun rise for about two hours this morning (it was chasing the plane) has put any time sense I might have totally out of whack. At least my directional sense is functional again (how can anyone get lost in a GRID like Fort Collins has for heaven's sake? I did!) and cars drive on the side of the road that I expect them to (this is going to be embarrassing on occasion cos I bet I will drive on the wrong side of the road in car parks and such).


Saturday, March 24, 2007

If flapping was flying

I'd be halfway to the US by now!

(argh, our host is down, so no pics today! Dang, cos I have THE BEST shot linked below.)

G'day all!

Tomorrow morning we get up at an ungodly hour and head off to the airport. We have to be there by 8:30am, which means slap bang in the middle of peak hour. Plus after our recent tunnel fire traffic will be chaotic. I had thought we had to be there by 10:30 but because we've just lost daylight saving and you guys have just gained it, it changes the flight time by 2 hours.

So I am faffing around flapping instead of getting anything done. I have bagged up some fleece that is finally dry and tossed it back into the fibre room (yep, literally tossed). I have located the tops someone in the US is buying from me - they are coming on the plane. I have not yet done my washing but Nathan's clothes are all clean. I need to get my only two decent pairs of pants washed. I am hoping that I'll get a chance to go shopping in Fort Collins - I need another pair of casual pants and my only pair of runners (trainers/joggers) (and really the only pair of shoes I wear much at all) recently decided to spring a leak.

Whilst I think of it, here's our itinerary:

26/3 10:25am QF93 (I think - it has an Am Airlines number) to LAX, 7:30am 26/3
12:40pm AA1458 LAX to Denver, 4pm.

26/3- 29/3 Fort Collins Marriott, 1200 Oakridge Drive, 970 282 1700
Monday - transit.
Tuesday - hosted drive around the area, maybe to the Rockies, Poudre Gorge, etc.
Wednesday - free for me, Nathan is at HP
Thursday - most of the day to faff around in.

29/3 7:35pm AA? Denver to LAX, 9:10pm
11:40pm QF?94 LAX to Melbourne, 7:55am 31/3

I am making a list of things that I shall promptly forget to bring with me. Dang, I've already forgotten to get some little bottles to put conditioner and body wash in - can't use the ones in the hotel usually cos they are too highly perfumed/the wrong sort of perfume. I also have a list of things to do such as the washing up - what is with all these dishes that I keep having to wash? I have not been able to see counter space for a week now! My washing. Tidy the loungeroom. Prepare the greenhouse for the cats (ie provide them with litter trays cos they aren't allowed out for the week). Tidy the bedroom. Tidy the study. Tidy the kitchen, after the dishes are done. Vacuum the floor. Have to have the place semi-decent for our cat sitter. Download some podcasts to listen to on the flights. Realise that I only have battery life for about 15 hours of listening, if I am lucky. Flights total nearly 40 hours. I will just have to sleep for half of them instead. At least I can knit on the US legs and should be able to on the way home too. We aren't allowed to carry knitting needles on planes here. Sigh. Decide what knitting to take. I've nearly finished the first tofutsies sock but all other socks are fairly much stalled. They need brainpower that I don't have currently.

Why do I get so panicky about travelling? I love it when I am doing it, it is just the upheaval to get there in the first place. Nathan is bracing for the usual round of bad temper.

If all this comes to fruition, the earliest they will be asking Nathan to start is the 15th of May. That is only 6 weeks away, five weeks after this trip! Freak out! We have a LOT of thesis to get done. We have house stuff to get done. I have to get rid of a LOT of stash! Not my fleeces or some of my spinning stuff but yarn I will never use all of. Five weeks to uproot our lives, get everything done and then go overseas. Heck, that would really only be FOUR weeks! EEEEEK! But it probably can't happen that fast cos Nathan's thesis has to be handed in first...

To distract you from the total lack of knitting progress photos I have put in pics of the weird skies we've had recently. We reached nearly 100F on Friday before a trough and cool change blew in. 37 degrees in march is almost unheard of. 24 overnight. Ick. But the change has brought major coolth! Only 8 this morning - still in the 40sF I guess but much much cooler than what we've been having! So cold my poor fingies were almost numb! We actually got nearly 20mm of rain yesterday - we so needed it! We need more too but for the nonce everything is soggy and lovely. I want to put a few plants in the ground this morning too and kill off some of the plants that have to go that are almost impossible to remove by digging them out - they are the sorts that only need one little node or bulblet to grow from. Goodness, why do I stress myself so?

Would you like to see my husband's remarkable plumbing? If so, click here.
OK. OK is a placeholder for me. OK is a calming thing. OK, this will be my last post for a few days I reckon. I doubt I will have time to blog from FC. OK, time to go do stuff.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

I take it all back

G'day all!

You know how I was whinging about the short days coming up on us here in the southern hemisphere?

Well I take it all back.

Give me short days. Give me numb fingers and a purple nose (reminiscent of an alcoholic's but alas without the alcohol). Give me COOLTH! I want to feel COOL!

It is 28 degrees at the moment and nearly 10pm. That is hmm, let me go consult the thermometer for you in the imperial age... 82F.

It is frigging hot. It got to nearly 35 today and this is supposed to be autumn! (BTW, autumn began here on the 1st of March, not on the equinox.) It was humid too. What is with the humidity? Melbourne does DRY heat not this lousy humid stuff that means I drip sweat, oops I drip *glow* And I can't have a shower still. (Good news about the bathroom here)

Cats are sorted. Our cat sitter is available next week. Hooray!

Thank you to those who have offered assistance and meet ups next week. It is great to hear from you! (And if anyone knows Kristi/fiber fool, can you give her a prod? I've been leaving messages like little offerings on her blog but alas, no dice or at least no contact.)

I would download the magnif pictures I took today, well I hope some are magnif, but it is too stinking lousy hot in this study for me to sit here for long enough to do it all. I think I'll go sit in the loungeroom in front of the fan and do a bit of spinning (yes I can spin in front of the fan! No all my fluff doesn't blow away, and you can quote me on that).


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


G'day all!

All things being equal, as day and night are today, I'd prefer to be in the northern hemisphere. You guys will now have the day longer than the night. We are heading the other way. I am a long days girl and hate this time of year. OK, so I get more crafting done in the evenings when there is no sunny evening. Still, I like being able to potter outside or have a lazy barbecue without having to turn lights on (Nathan has set up a string of party lights through a tree so we can eat outdoors still!). There is one thing I do like about winter - that is that I get to see sunrise and sunset. That is really nifty. And if it is cold enough, we can go cross country skiing in the mountains. And the footy is on. And I can wear the woolly things I've spent summer crafting. Cycling is somewhat less pleasant - my hands get very very cold, as does my nose, if the temperature is below about 15C. Most of the things I like doing are less pleasant and involve rugging up. I am a shorts and tshirts and sandals girl these days and don't like wearing lots of clothes.

It is only a handful of days before we are off to Colorado! We fly out on Monday. We fly in there on Monday! Yes we get in our time machine and effectively go back in time! 15 hours back in time I think! Of course we lose a whole day on the way back. I am at the stage of panicking about the cats (and fish) getting fed - our cat feeder has not been available for days and I don't know who will be feeding them. Plus the clothes I'll need - it has been about 60F in Fort Collins recently and the forecast so far is for the same, but what if it gets cold? I don't have much in the way of stuff for 32F. Gosh, I have to find something to worry about, and temperatures and whether or not I'll find something to eat there will do. Looks like we will be eating out a lot and that worries me cos I have a rather restricted diet as far as eating out goes.

I've been working on the various socks. Yesterday I used up my all day zone two ticket and went for some bus rides and train rides. This gave me plenty of time to knit cos there was a LOT of waiting. I'll say this much for not having a working watch at present: it means that I don't get impatient waiting for buses and trains cos I have NO IDEA what the time is. Plus I get a lot of knitting done. Not that I remembered to take a picture of it.

Today's Grumpy Old Woman moment - what is it with these young men who decide that since they like certain music, the WHOLE train carriage must share it with them? They are mostly of south asian or middle eastern extraction and play the music on their phones. It is usually not-western-scale-music crossed with hip-hop. Thank goodness that phone batteries still don't last that long, especially when playing music loud enough to share around!

Hopefully tomorrow I will take some pics of the socks, and a new thing that I am obsessed about spinning enough yarn for. And a birthday present that I made. I hope the recipient likes it - it is a bit chunky and she is not a chunky girl...


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Head the size of a planet

G'day all!

A couple of days ago I went along to the Stitches and Craft show. It is a big show that has all sorts of crafty things as long as they are (I have to call them) "lady crafts." It doesn't do things like woodworking or metal working - those are "man crafts." Yes yes beat me up now - I have done woodworking. I have made a table out of Australian hardwoods and done mortise and tenon joints, etc. Women can do and do do woodworking and metal working (though I find that the tools are all designed for stronger and larger grips than mine). But that is not the aim of this show. It is for the "gentle" arts of patchwork, scrap booking (I can't pick on scrap bookers much as I want to - after all people say why knit and spin?), embroidery, beading, etc, etc, and of course knitting. There was even a cake decorating display.

So I go along to the show. I talked to everyone on the wool stands except for one place cos they were busy. Even introverts like me can get enthused about things and need to yap to people. So poor Sarah Durrant got an ear bashing for about half an hour (it was not busy at her stand then) and I only bought one little skein of yarn, but what a skein!

Colinette Jitterbug I wuv you!

Then of course I found the ecoyarns stand after having a whinge to Sarah about how "eco-friendly" man made fibres really aren't, and of course I bought some Tofutsies and some natural coloured cotton to try spinning. I am *such* a hypocrit, but when yarn that I have been wondering about has been thrust in my face (ok, I gravitated straight to it and grabbed it and wanted it all for my very own)....

I had a good chat to Annie at AK (that is ak, not ay-kay) Traditions. She is getting some lovely NZ merino spun up and dyed and gosh does it feel good! 8 ply and 4 ply. Mmmmm. I now want some to knit up a sock in an idea I have...

And that is the crux of my problem at the moment. I am not the only one on the internet busting with ideas. My head must've expanded to keep all these ideas inside it. Surely! Only I can get through the doors still. It is driving me nuts - I have so many ideas about things to do and make that I am not getting many of any of them done. If it takes more than about an hour to get it all set up and going, I wander off to do another one of my whack ideas. I lay in bed at night thinking about ideas and reading through stitch libraries. I want to spin yarn and dye it and make it into wonderful things. Only I sometimes find my ability to create the wonder I have in my head is not matched by what I make.

Many years ago I used to draw a lot. Only problem was that I did not have the technical ability to bring my ideas into being on the paper. I sometimes have the same problem in knitting. I have a great idea but Mr Brain, the size of a planet or so it feels at the moment cos it surely can't be any smaller to fit these things inside, has some quite obvious shortcomings.

The fingering weight bell flower sock continues. I am *so* not feeling the yarny love with this yarn. Colour is secondary - I can change that if I want but the yarn itself feels like cotton, though it is wool. It feels dense and unlovely to knit with. I think I need a nicer yarn to knit this sock with. At least now I am past the heel, I know it works so I can go as far or as little as I like. I'll keep going for another couple of rounds of the pattern and then find a nice edging for it. Then I'll write it up along with the sportweight verison and see if anyone will test knit any of them for me. I have good ideas about how to upsize them from my usual 64 or 66 stitches too. Then I might send it off to knitty or magknits or whoever.

I am trying to knit up a sock in the tofutsies. It is a very very fine sock yarn, very thin and tends to be a bit splitty. It needs 2mm needles but I only have 2.5s. It also smells weird, like umm shells. Maybe not surprising since it contains crab shell. I would not advise it for people who have shellfish allergies. Anyway, I found a stitch pattern I reallllllllly like in a Barbara Walker stitch library (between two libraries, I have four of her books out ;-). I thought it would be a great sock in the Tofutsies.

Umm, no. The pattern has a rather large eyelet in it, formed from a double yarn over. Perfect for catching toenails (and even toes!) in! Plus since this yarn has very little sproing in it, at least to my hand on the 2.5mm needles, it needs a pattern with some ribbing in it. So I designed my own pattern. It probably isn't my own pattern but after 3 rippings using the old pattern (can you believe I used *exactly* the wrong direction k2tog and ssks? Like used a k2tog instead of an ssk?), I decided that I needed to try something with a little more elasticity to the knitting.

Oh yeah, baby, I am now feeling the yarny love! Well, relatively speaking. I have a feeling that I much prefer yarn that is mostly or all wool.

This is calling to me too - my STR club yarn and pattern arrived this week. At least now I can cross off one of the BW stitch patterns I wanted to try - it forms the basis of this STR installment sock! I know this yarn will be totally cushy!

Oooh, I have an idea for the Jitterbug yarn. Argh!


PS for locals, I'll be at the Stitches and Craft fair on Saturday arvo, on the handweavers and spinners' guild stand on the first floor. Come and find me and say g'day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monstrous cat attacks yarn!

Enormous cat attacks innocent yarn!

(Cheshire loves to appear just when I start a photo shoot with some yarn, and then likes to stand between it and the camera and ask me why I am not patting her? She doesn't appear if I just sit on the back door step. BTW, no yarn was harmed in these pictures.)

G'day all!

Oh yes there has been knitting and spinning and dyeing here!

Nutmeg's cat cushion is finished. Well the front half of it anyway.

I decided to try knitting some of my weirder handspun into some not-Fetchings.

They have a different thumb and are longer in the hand cos I like them like that.

I knitted a hat out of the yarn my spin off pal sent me.

I call it my Rocky Mountain hat - it is a bit pointy (maybe that is just my brains trying to escape!) and is quite white. I had a punt at the right gauge and yay me! Then I did three cables up the sides and another for the brim. Interestingly enough, I had only 30cm (12") of yarn left over - did I "judge" that well or what?

Some experimental spinning after a hot date with the crock pot:

(All spinning for sale, $10 per 50g.)

The dye pot before the dark burgundy/plum yarn went in - weird precipitates formed.

Our tickets to Fort Collins are all booked in. We are flying out of here on the 26th of March and land in Fort Collins only 2 hours or so after we leave here. LOL We leave Fort Collins on the 29th and arrive back home on the 31st of March at the almost ungodly hour of not quite 8am. Less than two weeks before we get in a BIIIIIG plane and fly off to the never never! (Actually the US. Then I give up my forefinger prints. Grr) I hope I can meet up with the Fort Collins knitters and spinners but my only contact there is on interesting (legal) drugs and is not communicative. Nathan also has to go up to visit Google in Sydney next week. He will have to swap a day of work or something.

Finally, Nutmeg says "Grovel, minions!"

(Pictured here on top of the wardrobe, on a fleecy blanket and my lumberjacket, in tasteful greens, blues, pinks and yellows - just what all evil overlords recline upon, don't you think?)


Saturday, March 10, 2007


G'day all!

Some interesting comments on my ramblings post. Never fear, unless you cuss and swear your way through every post, I am likely to read your blog if you have one. I may not though cos I may not know your blog. Dropping the odd word is ok, just not talking the way some people do.

Why is today's blog post titled constriction?

I seem to have been pondering things a lot recently. We have no money cos I don't have a job and have only worked for 2 months since last July. (Yep, I've been dysfunctional all that time ;-). I have been applying for temping roles left right and centre but so far no dice. It means my budget is very restricted. OK, I don't really need to buy much stuff but a new pair of casual pants would be good cos my old ones are nearly worn through (like see through bits) leaving me with only one pair unless I wear tracksuit pants (v unstylish). More noice GF/DF food would be nice (but fattening). I don't really need yarn or fleece or anything but I really would like to buy some more sock yarn to dye up. Topping it off nicely, the windscreen on my car randomly decided to crack on Friday and it is a long weekend here so the bloke I normally use for repairs is on holiday. The screen cracked further yesterday. It is only a year since it was fixed, but of course it is 13 months or so, not less than 12 months.... I am going to have to replace it - another $150 down the gurgler. Another $150 out of the mortgage. Grump.

We are also possibly going to be moving overseas in a couple of months. Or maybe not.

This is making for a life of uncertainty. There is no point me going for a permanent role cos if this Colorado thing comes through, I'll have worked there a couple of weeks and will have to leave. Temp work would be fine. But so far I haven't gotten very far with the temping stuff, despite talking to various places and sending off my resume and cover letter to several agencies.

All in all, it is driving me insane (insaner). I need to learn patience. I know things will fall as they will fall but like could they hurry up a bit? I want to know where my life is going. I want to be able to make plans. I don't have to follow through on the plans, I just want to be able to make them. At the moment it really feels like it is in the lap of the gods. We are living on the proceeds of my father's inheritance. I am surrounded by constraints and after a while you kinda get sick of having to practise restraint in pretty much everything you do.

When the going gets tough, the tough get spinning and knitting. So do I!

I'm still doing LOTS of spinning. I've washed so much fleece recently that I have pretty much run out of fleece scour. D'oh! Must get more this week. I've just been flicking the locks out and so pretty they are too! Then I spin them from the middle of the lock to make the yarn all fluffy and soft. Mmmm, soft droolsome yarn. It means it won't hold up to much wear but that is ok to me.

I created a new chat room on our server. If you run jabber/i-chat/exodus or an equivalent, go looking for a chat room called yarnivorous at or pop me an email asking for an invite in. I think that works. I won't be able to help in more than a general way with software other than jabber/gaim cos I don't run them and don't know how to join chats using them. Can't guarantee I'll be around 24/7 even if you do join in the chat!

Heh. A stupid mossie has been faffing around my desk. It showed no interest in me, instead settling on the monitor, the camera, some knitting.... I've made several fruitless attempts to squash it. But it just made a bold frontal attack, flying straight towards my face! Take that mossie! You are now an ex-mosquito!

The weather here has changed. It is now almost autumnal. There is a nip in the air in the mornings. About blasted time too! We are still going to get 30+ days here this week and it cannot by any degree be called cold, just cool relative to what we have been enjoying. March is regarded as the best time to hold events in Melbourne as the weather tends to be stable and dry. Dry alright! So far we've only had about 5mm of rain! Not even 1/4 of an inch!

Hmm, time to go tackle more of the bathroom. It is in a total state. Only the bath and one wall remain untouched. We've had all sorts of "fun" with it so far. Some of it involved removing the old shower base. Some of it involved water cos of course when you turn the water main off, the water still trickles through, and when you take a tap off without having an end cap to put over it.... oh dear. At least we had buckets!

If you have ever role-played (or roll-played) and like LotR, this might amuse. It sure as hell has been amusing me! (Oooh, I said hell!)

Today's pictures are care of our garden. Nutmeg vs my backside. Nutmeg lost... A Chinese Junk - such a pretty caterpillar but the moths are plain (check out this caterpillar! Cool!). Two David Austin roses. Some basils - limelight and ?siam queen or similar. A strawberry.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Random musings

G'day all!

Why is it that when I am out driving, if there is ONE derro on the road, they will be in front of me? (I should not say derro - it means a homeless person who enjoys a bit more plonk than they should. Yes they drink to self-medicate. Yes it is very sad. Yes I have occasionally given them money - heck, if booze is all they have, they may as well enjoy it.) Why do I seem to attract the people who have to slow to a crawl at every street corner to see if this is where they should turn, or the person who thinks that if wiping off five (kmh) means the road will be safer, wiping off 20 will be even safer? Or the person who thinks that since I drive a small car, I am slow?

I realised the other day that I drive like my mother. I learned a lot from my mum's driving. Like always try to be polite. You can't always be polite but don't do that lovely thing of sitting at the right hand turn arrow (US equivalent - left hand turn) until it turns yellow and *then* take off. I can still hear her exhorting herself and our little Mazda 808, "Get up Betty!" Mum used to go like a bull at a gate with her take offs, and enjoyed a twisty bit of road. But she didn't speed cos speeding was not worth the risk of being caught - we never had much money and being fined or losing her licence was not Mum's cup of tea.

I also realised that I am a horrible snob. I visited a blog where the person swears a lot. I don't like people swearing unless there is a good reason to swear. Dropping a hammer on your bare toe is when swearing is allowed. Putting a sledgehammer through a wall that was meant to be left intact is a cursing occasion. Dropping the f-word, amongst others, into every sentence for no reason whatsoever is what I consider crude. I know that a lot of people just swear because that is the way they speak, but I don't. I say heck and darn and crap and bottom and poo and beggaration and piffle and crikey and holy guacamole and jesus h christ on a popsicle stick and godsakes and various other ways of taking the (christian) lord's name in vain but my cursing is considered very mild and indeed laughable by some of my friends. They encourage me to swear in a much more blue fashion, but my Mum raised me not to say Bad Words and I am a Good Girl. (OK, I now say dickhead too cos I keep getting stuck behind them on the roads and it makes me feel better to call them dickheads. Oh and I call something pissweak too, especially the other drivers on the road.) I also don't like blogs where the person is sexually explicit. If I wanted to read p0rn I would go find some that is good.

I tend not to go back to blogs that I find offensive. There are plenty of other blogs out there to read. (And if I haven't visited you for a while, forgive me. It is very unlikely that it is because you've dropped the f-word too many times. More likely is that there are a LOT of blogs out there and keeping up with about 200 of you with more appearing every day is beyond me.)

What other musings have I had recently? Well I like washing fleece. Just as well really cos I have well over 10 kilos of it to wash. That is a LOT of fleece! I like flicking it out and spinning from the lock. The idea of moving to Co is becoming more intriguing to me. Still scary but if Nathan is offered a contract and I can get a green card or whatever visa Australians need we are going. I hope it all comes through ok.

Our quick trip (3 days in Co) is all in progress - flights are booked, accomodation arranged, all pre-paid! We will be there from Monday the 26th to Thursday the 29th of March. If we move to Co, then we will probably spend this coming Christmas in To - yep Toronto. Nathan's parents plan to be there, visiting friends. We figure we should crash the party, and visit a few bloggy friends as well if possible (Lettuce Knit here we come!).

Do you like the secret spin off parcel I got last week? I have been *so* remiss in not posting a pic earlier. *blush* sorry. There is some merino spun all soft and plied with some silk, plus tea and chocolate. My pal has a minor problem in that she has LOTS of alpaca, but alpaca and me don't get along so well, and absolutely NO wool!

Just as well she isn't here then.... I have some alpaca which I have to offload cos I can't spin with it and really I have soooo much stuff I can spin with, I may as well get rid of my alpaca stash. Hmm, I must weigh it and update the fibre page.

We have not made any progress with the shower for four days now. At least we know what we want to do with it now. We have to smash up the old base and then put in some ply/wood, seal it then concrete slurry then plop a new base in. Sounds easy? I have this weird feeling it won't be a piece of cake.... In the meantime, my "shower" looks like this:

The cat "blanket" is nearly done. I think it is going to turn into a cushion. This means I'll need another ball of the yarn and something to fill it with. That means SEWING! Eeek! I have a sewing machine. I sewed my own wedding dress on it. I can sew but I am not a good neat sewer. I am usually neater when I do things by hand. I do horridly neat hand sewing and embroidery. Can't help myself. It takes forever so I tend to avoid doing it. Anyway, when I have cast off the edge, I will take pics for you to admire it.

I visited a health food shop that has loads of GF/DF stuff yesterday. I stood in front of their freezer cabinet just drooling. I couldn't buy much cos we have a very limited budget (still nothing on the job front, alas!). I just heated up a cinnamon doughnut. I am in LERV, babee! LERV! My goodness, I could eat the whole dozen of them (and then feel very ill indeed). They taste just like normal doughnuts smell. They feel like I remember cinnamon doughnuts feeling on the tongue. They are not Uncle Rick's most excellent jelly cakes with a divine soy creme patisserie, but they will do quite nicely thank you!

D'oh! Time for me to get some dinner into me and choof off to pick Nathan up and have dinner with the PiLs. They eat out on Fridays so it is easiest if I eat first....

I leave you with a picture of Yet Another Sunset for you. We've had some ripsnorters recently.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Faffing around

G'day all!

I am faffing around a lot at the moment. Touching on this, then that, then skipping off to do something else. Mentally at least. Physically - well let's just say this gut thing hasn't gone away yet....

I've been working on the fingering weight version of the lovely sock I designed early this year. No pics yet cos my first try was in a cashmere blend that I got last year, and it turns out to be rather inconsistent in weight = gauge is WAAAAY off and also it tends to be hard to work with the slubby bits in a lace pattern on needles that are smaller than the yarn usually would need. So I started again with some normal sock yarn. So far so good but I have to knit it in front of the computer cos that is where the pattern is as I cannot print it out. Mr Printer and I are having words and have been for two weeks now. He just doesn't want to know my computer exists.

I've been washing fleece.
washed fleece
(White finn X, white suffolk X, brown/black corriedale. Corrie is droolworthy, the rest is noice. Plus more - grey polwarth that is very very noice too but was hung on the line in gauze bags, and today some more - merino corrie cross in the sock yarn colour below.)

I've been spinning fleece. I even made some almost sock weight yarn.
handspun almost sock yarn
Don't get too excited, Ozknitter, cos it took about 5 hours of prep and spinning to make that little 50g hank. I can't see anyone will want to buy handspun sock yarn for $25 a hank (and that is really underpaying myself by a lot but y'know getting some money back on the time/work is better than none). I could try making it a two ply not a navajo (3) ply. That would take less time to spin. Can't guarantee that it will stand up to being socks though cos it is pretty soft still.

woollen spun dyed corriedale
I dyed some corrie cross handspun.
woollen spun dyed corriedale
It is a dark brown fleece with lighter patches and some white grizzling, like a person who is just starting to go grey. I threw it in the pot with some purple and plum and I must say it is *totally* luscious. It feels so nice! I am going to sell it, if anyone is interested. It is great to spin - so soft and yummy! I spin it woollen so it is a bit fuzzy but even my super-sensitive skin has no problems with it. One ball is a slightly different weight and colour to the others (the one ont he bottom left).

Confession time.

I watched Dr Phil yesterday. Then I watched Oprah. First time ever! OMG, what is happening to me. I *did* turn off when the soapies started though. Honest!

What I wouldn't give for a shower about now - I want to wash the sweat out of my hair. Alas, this is what our shower looks like at present:

We had to pull the walls out cos the bottom of them was rotting away. That is what happens in 50 year old houses with waxed masonite shower walls....

Oh for a shower! Watch out, I might write a REALLY bad ode if you are unlucky!


Monday, March 05, 2007


G'day all!

I have many pics to catch up on and tales to tell, but today I have to get my rather late entry for La's contest in!

You are getting a pawful!

First we have Cheshire. She has lovely white paws, except for when she has just been under the house or digging a hole. You can see what she has been up to... Cheshire is hard to get pics of cos as soon as you try to take a pic of her and you move away from her front end, she follows you. Keep patting me! Why are you grabbing my back paw?

Now for Nut. Nutmeg is not camera shy. All you need to do is get her to lie down and then you rub her belly and she blisses out. Again, it is hard to get back paws but front paws? I love the way she flops her paws down.

Gosh we have awfully cute cats. Nutmeg is one of the most unique cats I've had - she is not a normal cat. Cheshire's a normal cat - she does cat things and is fairly independent. Nut is more like a dog, only without the loving brown eyes and constant hope and demand to be one's best friend.

Soon, a real fibre post! Hooray!


Saturday, March 03, 2007

I'm glad I'm not a hunstman

G'day all!

My goodness, what a week it has been here in the Modest Manor.

Panics due to finances, panics running around trying to find work, panics in general.

So why am I glad I am not a huntsman (spider, that is - the lovely big ones we have that run around the walls and eat boogelly insects)? Well I am especially glad that I am not the huntsman that took up residence on the toilet wall last night. Y'see, both DH and I have eaten something that disagreed with us and gosh, didn't we fumigate the place! It is quite obvious that spiders have different olfactory systems to humans cos if they didn't, the poor thing would be shrivelled up in a corner somewhere or would've run away waving its palps and trying to cover its nose equivalent.

I spent the morning in bed after being up until 5am! (Me! Not able to sleep!) I still feel like something is stuck in my craw. I read two books and snoozed. Two whole books. OK, they were only simple things but I needed something not exactly brain frying to read. This afternoon has involved plying some wool and trying to edit photos, only my brain is not exactly happy.

DH in the meantime decided to start work on renovating the shower area. Can anyone say d r y r o t? Crap. Hmm, maybe I need to find another expletive ;-) I should document it on a Modest Manor's blog.

So I will get some pics soon to show you what I have been up to, but not right now. Right now involves 10 minute bursts of normality, followed by 15 minute bursts of oh I cannot be bothered doing anything - nap time now? If I have left any nonsensical posts on anyone's blog, please excuse me - when it is 3am and you are not feeling the best, you tend to make very little sense indeed 8-)