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Well that was unexpected, and so was that and...

G'day all!

I've been following the Takata airbag issue for a while now.  I drive a Honda, and Honda is particularly badly affected.  But no recalls had been issued for my car so onwards and upwards.

Until last Thursday, when I got the recall letter.... the letter that says people have died after deployment of the airbag and here, we will give you a loaner car until your car is fixed.

Well crap.  I rather like my little car - he is small and willing and zippy and has driven us on most of our adventures in this pretty amazing state.
And then on Saturday night, some mongrel ran into his wing mirror/side mirror and shattered the mirror and cracked the mirror housing.  Hope they get seven years of bad luck cos it wasn't me who was cretinous enough to hit a parked small car.  Nearly $500 to fix it and it needs to be fixed cos it is the driver's side and I use that mirror a lot!

So I took my car in to the dealer and arranged for him to get the mirror fixed and get serviced an…

Two hours with Gwen Marston

G'day all!

A couple of weeks ago, I hopped on a ferry (with my car!) and took off to Port Gamble.  The Quilted Strait was hosting Gwen Marston, a luminary in the improv quilting scene and all-round quilting bad ass and enemy of the quilting police.

Did you know that she doesn't think that points need to match?

Can you hear the quilting police having conniptions?

Anyway, I had no idea what to expect.

The trip across was fun - there was a howling wind blowing up the Sound and the clouds and the wind and waves were magnificent.

I may have had a little accident with the credit card in the quilt shop too... they had some excellent low volume fabrics.

What did I find?   A slim lady with an iron-grey triangle bob who was always in motion during her talk.  After the talk she had a sit down, but she did talk for two hours!   There was lots of humour during the talk - she's well aware of what the quilt police have to say about her work.

She grew up on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle - th…

That was the winter that was

G'day all!

This was a winter for hibernating.

What?  Winter has ended?, I hear Americans cry.  Meteorological winter has ended - it runs from December 1 to Feb 28/29 in the northern hemisphere.

Anyway, I live in Seattle, and Spring arrived about two or three weeks ago here.  It pays no mind to dates.  The crocuses started blooming at the start of Feb, the odd daffodil showed up (though they are really getting underway now except in my yard where they are still making promises) and then the cherry plums started blooming.

Now the magnolias are starting, if they haven't been blown away by today's atrociously windy weather.

It feels like I hardly did a thing in January.  I may as well have hibernated because it was not a good month.  It started well with lots of sun and then went to seed.  I would say pot but various of you would get the wrong idea.

Normal winters in Seattle involve a lot of drizzle.  Lots and lots of drizzle.  Drizzle doesn't get you wet very easily, espe…