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Another long time between drinks

G'day all!

Apologies.  I've been so busy!

But I bear news.  Good news.

One of the things that has kept me soooo busy is in the mail.  I don't know if he ever looks at my blog so I won't post pics yet, but soon.  Well probably after Easter given even with second top level express mail it isn't guaranteed to get to Oz before the third of April!  Boo hiss to that!  I have no idea why the post in Washington state takes an extra week to get out of the States but it is dreadfully slow from here.

So I have a little more time to do other things now that that big thing is out of the way.

In more important news, I had my 2.5 year checkup today.  They had forgotten to schedule me, so I am glad I rang last week.

Bloods, chest xray, mammo, nurse physician check up (no oncologist as she isn't available until May).

Bloods and chest xray are fine.

Mammo is fine, but then I get called back in.  They need more shots on the left side.

Oh dear.

And then MORE shots.

Oh dearie deari…

A lottle of very little

G'day all!

I am still knitting - see?

These are my new socks.  I wish I could find the label of them - I bought them from a vendor at Knit Fit (my local knitting conference!!!  Like four small blocks from me or a bit over 5 minutes!) in November.  I call them Antidote because they are a nice bright pick me up for dull days.  Hooray - found the label - dyed by Deidra MacKimmie, Spinner's Candy, "Sour Skittles Splash."

They are quite nice and thick and squishy and I like them quite a lot.

This smoke ring is quite quick to knit up - ok, I've been knitting it on and off over over a week now and I've only done 1.5 repeats (more than what the pic shows) but it is my knitting whilst thinking piece by the computer.

Plus I have another sock on the go - I got a whole lot of it knitted in the TWO HOUR LONG queue to get into Comicon on Friday.  I only cast on in the bus on the way there...  I am so glad that I had the sock to keep me entertained.

I wandered around Comico…