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G'day all!

 Just a quickie here.

I realised I forgot my blogiversary, again!  I forget it every single year.

This blog is over nine years old now.  Next year it will hit double digits.  It is already in its tenth year.

Some of my readers have been around since the start, or near the start, and I'd like to thank them, even if I'm not sure exactly who you are!  LOL

Some readers haven't been around for long, but thanks for popping by anyway!  I'd like to know some of you better - I don't look at my stats enough and if you do leave a comment, the brokenness that is Blogger's commenting system (or the borkedness that is my inability to work out what to do with the commenting system) means I can't reply to people whose emails I don't have via my email (I should load my blog and answer from there - I think I can but I'm not sure).

But it doesn't mean I don't appreciate your comments!  Well not unless you are telling me about this super dooper …

Apparently I'm not a hermit

G'day all!

Thanks for the concern!  I wish I didn't need it.  I am over being special, though my body isn't yet.

I have been trying to find things to do that do not require lots of breathing or talking.  This is harder than you might expect because after a while I want to be energetic and I want to talk to people.  It turns out I am not a hermit after all.  Actually I never thought I was.

I have been knitting.  I have almost finished the current cardie - only a few ends to weave in now and the buttons to put on.  I am tempted to wash it before I weave in the rest of the ends - I wove them in as I went but I'm not sure if I've woven them in enough if that makes sense.  Goodness, the buttons were a saga but now I know where to find the second closest Joann's.  I had thought there was a closer one but couldn't find it.  (The closest one is a short walk away but alas the closest one only had three of the buttons I wanted, not 11, and of course they…

The excitement of being me, part II

G'day all!

What a fun time I've had recently!  I think I shall just launch into the current excitement.  Be warned, it is long, rambly and whiny.  TL;DR?  I'm whiny and pretty much housebound after weird allergy crap occurred and I can't do much knitting and my voice is shot.

Friday I went to the doctor cos my sinus weirdness has not cleared up after two weeks (flying and many altitude changes may not have helped).  She prescribed antibiotics (ones I've taken before) and a nasal spray.

After that, I took the car to the dealer to get a software module upgraded in line with a recall (stability control could fail on full steering wheel lock - not when you want it to go!).  They said it would be ready in about four hours, so I skipped off down the street (not literally).  I walked sedately, watching the pavement because the footpaths and sidewalks in Seattle can leave something to be desired.

Because the sidewalk I was on seemed flat, I ignored it and looked up around …

Letting go a long held dream

G'day all!

In early December six years ago, we packed up our home in Fort Collins and got on a plane to Canada for a short adventure there before moving to San Jose in California.

At the time I vowed to myself that I'd return.

And last week, I did.  (We did.)

I can't describe the visceral thrill I felt when I saw the Ft Collins sign on I70 going into Denver.  I was so excited about going back.  The closest I can describe is it's like seeing the sign for your favourite holiday location from when you were a kid.  For me that was Lakes Entrance in Victoria, Oz.  When I even just think of Lakes Entrance, I think of cinnamon donuts, mini golf, loooooong golden beaches and salty air (and not just from my father swearing the place blue).

Fort Collins was one great long summer for me.  We moved there just after midsummer's day and I was enchanted by everything about it.  I didn't have a car so I had to walk, take the bus, or (after we bought bikes) ride my bike around …

The excitement of being me

G'day all!

I haven't blogged for a while.

I've been away.

I try not to advertise when I'm away, though anyone following me on G+ whom I've encircled will know where I've been.

But first, I want to tell you about the excitement of being me.

Upon our return from places not so far, the first thing we were greeted with was this:

We are some of the abovementioned tenants.  We have been paying our share of the utilities each month but it seems that our property managers have not been paying Seattle Public Utilities (SPU!  hahahahaha)...  Hmm...  We have small recourse - if the water does get turned off then we can charge the property managers $100 a day (or part thereof) and all costs of arbitration.  I'm pretty sure we could also break the month to month lease but that would mean finding a new place at short notice.  I've sent an email to our property manager rep but have not heard back from him.
Then the second fun thing?
Getting a recall notice on the…