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Starting to feel a bit silly.

Hello to my reader! I think I have one. Gosh how privileged am I?

Still haven't gotten all the pics from Saturday ready to blog. Maybe tomorrow. But tomorrow is for wedding dress making cos Nathan is out in the evening. I have to see how much I can get finished cos I only have twelve, yes count them TWELVE days before it gets its big outing!

Today was an interesting day. We had 10mm of rain overnight and it was pretty gloomy this morning. I crawled out of bed nice and early to get to work early enough to set up training at 10am. As it turned out, I needed to get in at about 6am to overcome the obstacles that suddenly reared their ugly heads.

Eg the good photocopiers suddenly decided to be really really really bad photocopiers. The print quality was not what I have come to expect from them. Indeed, I could have (and that is correct grammar, kiddies, none of this could of - it is could have) thrown toner on the pages and ironed them with almost the same effect. After half…

Birthday brightness

It was Nathan's birthday on the 26th. Since I can't talk about what we did yesterday, as the pics are only now being downloaded and we have to go to a birthday dinner shortly, you'll have to make do with this:


Not that I have any readers yet anyway! This is some thick and thin yarn I bought from Marta's Yarns and dyed up in some of Nathan's favourite colours. The scan is not so great but i've played with the colours to make it a bit more representative. Yes it really is wool that changes from yellow to red, with a bit of deeper reddy pink in it to make it a bit more sunsetty. By the end of tonight it will probably be a scarf, but it will need to be blocked and felted a little to make it work well.

Maybe tomorrow I can show off what we did yesterday - a lovely drive up to Cement Creek.



Recently I have started on yet another slippery slope to hell. Being a yarnaholic was bad enough. Then I started dyeing stuff. Then it got worse....

I bought some quite fine white 100% wool on a huge cone. There must be thousands and thousands and thousands of metres of yarn on that cone. Only it is so fine that I can't knit with it. It is like thick sewing thread.

So I thought maybe I could buy a spindle to ply it up. I read up on the net how to use a spindle and how to navajo ply. Then I got me a cheapie spindle at the Bendigo Wool Show.

So how did the stuff I now believe is called roving also get into my bag? Not much of it, just about 100 grams of a white wool/mohair mix and 50g of a nice green/blue merino silk mix. I still don't understand it. One of the bags was bought specifically because I needed a safe place to put the eensy teensy little goblet one of the lovely woodturners turned up for me whilst we were talking to his mates. Their tent seemed an interestin…


Well, we are still progressing towards getting married. Today was another umm not quite so much fitting of the dress as getting the hem of the overdress ready to be hemmed if that makes sense.

It is going to be verra nice! Some of my friend have seen the unfinished dress and they are jealous :-) What better accolade can one have than have ones friends jealous?? Especially when they know how much work it is to make a full on dress with embroidered bits, etc, cos they have done it/avoided doing it themselves :-)

Not much knitting recently, though I did cast on, yet again, for the merino top with the wool I dyed in magenta and purple/blue. It is pretty hot. Pity that I cast on once before and frogged back twice on the jumper so far after getting from the neck down to the body of a top-down raglan. Then I ripped it all out cos I figured that it would actually fit nathan quite well, only he is 6'5" and over 100kg. But it isn't his colours - cream, magenta and purple.…

The speed of three

(with apologies to Yarn Harlot's Speed of Four)

Today I was waiting for a connecting train at Richmond station. Three minutes I had to wait, according to the station announcement. In that time, I managed to count up how many stitches I needed to cast on from the other mitten cuff, cast on 36 stitches and knitted three rows of 1X1 rib. It was rather chilly and my fingers were rather stiff, it being winter still in Melbourne and all.

Then another train pulled up and a heap of people poured off it. They wanted the same connecting train as me. The station announcement was made. Next direct service in three minutes.

Could it be that the station announcer lied when he said the next direct service was in three minutes? Did he really mean six? Or was my knitting so blindingly fast that I managed to do all that knitting in no time flat? How much knitting can I really get done in three minutes?


My first ever blog entry. Not that I expect anyone will ever notice it 8-)