April Fool's?

G'day all!

Recently I said I have a new obsession. The obsession has died down a little bit now that I have finished the second item (the first one is awaiting more "yarn").

So what is the obsession? Is this an April Fool's joke or the real deal?


What's the big deal about crochet? I am left handed. I knit right handed. I can't crochet right handed though and my left handed crochet did not work cos I wrapped the stitch the wrong way so it would never catch on the hook. Not long ago I grokked that I was doing it wrong and voila!

Thank heavens it is not scrapbooking. I really don't need even more hobby stuff in this place.

My new little bag is from the Happy Hooker, the SNB crochet book. It is made with Caron Simply Soft. I had to buy a whole huge skein of yucky acrylic to finish my Cash Iroha top (cos Noro does like to make singles yarns and they do not hold up well in the seaming process). I used about 5m of acrylic from a 280m skein to finish a top made with wool and silk. Hmmm.... So I had this big ball of stuff and decided to make a bag from it.

(not clickable - no big pic)

I would've finished the bag in two days *if* I had known how to crochet *and* followed the pattern. You may have noticed I am not good at following patterns. Even when I tried desperately to follow the pattern I still ended up with wonky bits but hey it looks a lot better than my first knitting way back in the mists of time. The tension is whacky, something weird happened halfway down the bag, etc, but I am not fussed. It is a BAG. it is going to look wonky when stuff gets put in it. The same stuff will promptly attempt to escape out the holes around the shells, so I will have to line it. That is when things will get really interesting, though a lovely lady in our SnB group is doing a talk on lining bags in a little while so maybe I can learn a thing or two then :-)



  1. It's lovely! I'm mustering the courage to start crocheting a Babette blanket out of leftover sock yarn.

  2. That bag is awesome!!!! You are totally making me think I should be crocheting.

  3. You are doing a beautiful job crocheting! You make me want to try something more than just edging. And I love that spring-y color too!


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