Technical issues and a not quite FO

G'day all!

It has been an all over the place day. DH is really struggling and things are tough.

Of course when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

What do they do?

They knit lace! They NUNO-felt! Felting is good for getting frustration out, but I don't feel much frustration currently - maybe the felting got it all out!

I have finally finished the knitting of last year's Mystery Stole. At the same time as I did the final grafting of the old stole, the first clue for this year's stole came out! Talk about timing!

Now on the subject of grafting, I had to graft the two ends of the stole together.

Y'see someone didn't read the chart for the stole very well. She decided that the blank lines did not mean knit here, they meant ignore this line. Ooops! The blank lines still had boxes for each stitch and were inside the big thick line that was the outside edge of the stole, someone was just a bit der Fred and ignored it.

Here's how it looked:

So after I had finished the wing of the stole, I carefully unpicked the nasty edge

Spit spliced in the cone of yarn I've been working from and started knitting the pattern much more as written!

Gosh what a difference it made.

As we watched some online vids of "Speed" (Jeremy Clarkson, from Top Gear but he also did something else before that and gosh he has a good opinion of himself - figjam!) I grafted the two ends together.


I finished at midnight. If anyone can tell me why I end up grafting things with my left hand (being lefthanded I can figure that one out) from right to left, I'd love to know. Left to right is so much easier....


It is beaded. I used a multicolour mix of frosted glass 8/0 beads. I started off with the colours you can see - the blue for the edging:

and the three colours:
plus mauve but I found the mauve was almost invisible (except to the camera's eye, when of course it was quite obvious!). So most of it was beaded with the aqua, spring green and dark green.


Next it has a nice little wash and off to be blocked! Then the ends can be woven in. Mebbe tomorrow.

Technical issues

Over the last while I've become increasingly frustrated at the fact I cannot reply to your comments. People on Wordpress can. I know I like it when people reply to my comments. But Blogger is not set up to deal with comments in the same way. It doesn't work as a conversation. It ends up meaning that you don't get me talking to you and you don't bother commenting. Why would you?

Here's a little text-box jobby of what the email notification looks like:

[Yarnivorous] New comment on Stupidly excited.
Saturday, 6 September, 2008 3:33 AM
From: "pretendname"

What do you notice about the email address?

It won't work!

Now I could reply to comments using the comment box, but that is not individual. Everyone who has subscribed via email to the comments (using the check box) gets the reply.

You could release your email address on your blogger account (if you go to your account and edit the profile, you can show your email address). However I have no idea if this means you will shortly start receiving 5,000 offers each and every day to enlarge your p3nis or that you really need a green lawn, your puppy dog's claws need this latest and greatest nail clipper and oh by the way you've just won $5 million in the Netherlands lottery... Blogger does obfuscate the email address using Javascript (or so I am told) so spam bots shouldn't be able to harvest your email but real people can.

I could go digging to find your email address by looking at your Blogger profile and finding your blog page and then visiting it. However, if I find this:

Profile Not Available

The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile.

That isn't exactly helpful either. If your Blogger display name is fairly common (eg Cathy, Laurie, Steve, Peter) then how do I know which one you are?

Finally if you post anonymously and especially with no name or a very common name, I have NO IDEA who you are and cannot reply to you even if you are my very bosomest buddy and I know your email address off by heart.

Sometimes I wonder if I should just swap over to wordpress and cough up the bikkies for it. Yes there is a free version but the paying versions are usually better. The problem with that is the learning curve and DH's complete lack of interest in helping out.

Happy 20,000 picture to my little camera! It is two in December and has already taken over 20,000 pics. Be very very glad that I only have 1600 on Flickr so far cos there are several thousand more that I could inflict on you via my blogs....



  1. Your shawl is beautiful!! I love the tiny beads. I can't help with all the technical talk, it all sounds like 'blah blah blah' to me. Are all your bosomest buddies really well endowed?? You made me giggle!!!


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