August! Since when?

G'day all!

It is August already! How did that happen?

Happy Birthday to one of my sisters, and happy birthday to all the race horses in Australia and NZ. They all got a year older overnight.

You may have guessed from the pic I showed yesterday that the croc sock is done! Once I started knitting it in earnest, it took not very long at all. The beads were not a problem - remembering to place them was the hardest bit along with shuffling 170-odd beads long the yarn. We had to go into the city for a birthday party on Saturday night and HOORAY! I didn't have to drive, so I sat in the back of a car and knitted 15 plain rounds in the dark as we flogged up the freeway! Then since I couldn't eat at the restaurant (pasta), I sat and knitted there too - I figure if they are going to eat in front of me, I am going to sit and knit in return. Then I knitted the toe at the chocolate bar that we went to cos I couldn't eat there either (everything was dairy and wheaten). I ripped the toe on Sunday morning cos somehow it was two stitches out and looked wrong - it was twisted to one side. That will teach me to count the stitches! Or to do top down socks!

Let's look at the croc sock as it "evolved."

(The heel looks rather short to me - I followed the instructions I thought to the letter but maybe I counted wrong, though I picked up the exact number of gusset stitches from the loops that were available)

Details: Reptilian Lace by Sivia Harding from summer 2006 Knitty. Yarn - Forest Walker from Curious Yarns, gifted by Mrspao. Beads - el cheapo from somewhere, hmm Riot Art and Craft?

I finished another sock on the weekend but the weather has been poxy (HOORAY! Snow has fallen on Lake Mountain! Hooray! We've had over 10mm of rain!) and I don't have any pics of the finished sock so far. Details when I get a good shot. Here it is after I turned the heel:

Next on the list are Hedera and Widdershins in purple and burgundy.

That Patonyle is ancient, and I think Peeve would like it - it has little tweedy flecks of blue and red through the burgundy, livens it up nicely.

Wish me luck! I don't think I'll be knitting Likkety Split or Dancing Lady (certainly not the latter in the yarns the designer dyed herself) or Cut Your Teeth or Tangled Garden or Tiptoe or Crusoe.... If I do have time, Crusoe and Dancing Lady are the most likely. (you can see the list of old Knitty socks here)

Project Spectrum? Ummmm... well I'm finally knitting something purple - cast on yesterday. Does that count? Purple flowers in the garden - I have lots of pics just not enough blog to show them off in.... And now I am supposed to be doing neutrals. Well burgundy is a neutral, isn't it? LOL.



  1. I know when did it become August!? What happened to the rest of the year!?!?

    Love the socks! The colour you did it in matches the pattern so well.

    I wanna make the Hedera socks too! If I ever get time.

    That patonyle wool looks looovely! I am not sure if I like their new selfstriping colours they have out. They should get that tweed stuff back though!!

    I dont have much to show for Project Spectrum either dont worry! lol


  2. I know, August! how crazy!

    I love all of the socks, but the yarn you used for the reptilian lace ones is just -perfect- for that pattern! I love how it turned out!

  3. That croc sock is seriously cool!

    I do know (from watching a friend knit it) that Crusoe is too tight as written, with a heel that's not deeep enough...

  4. August is definately here.

    I have 3 gladies through already.

    The socks look lovely and I also like the colour.

    I have done tiptoe and they came out really well.

    How rude going to places that you couldn't eat but then again you got some knitting done (even though you had to frog the toe)


  5. That Croc sock is lovely -- great colour combination!

  6. I love what you did with the Forest Walker! I knit at a party on Saturday so in a restaurant wouldn't phase me either.

  7. Love the Croc Sock - the colours are great. Is the patterns very complex? I've yet to try sock knitting yet but this is very inspiring!

  8. Your crocs are great! The subtlety of the variegation lets the pattern come through.

    Hoppe you're feeling better!

  9. Croc socks are awesome. Love the color choice.

  10. I just stopped by on a search for others knitting the reptilian lace socks and yours look awesome. I just started mine and I enjoy how they're turning out. I love your yarn choice - very appropriate.


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