Satdee Sky

G'day all!

The last few days have been quite busy, not that I have much to show for it cos my darling husband has generously shared his bug, aka virus, with me and I've been quite sluggish. I was particularly sluggish after riding to Monash with him on Friday, a ride that is pretty much all uphill and which normally takes me half an hour. I think it took about 3/4 of an hour cos we were riding into a pretty annoying headwind. I almost needed granny gear to get up one particular hill. The way home was great though - top gear down that same hill, doing almost as fast as the cars (in a 50kmh zone). Wheeeee!

I have many sock pics to show you but no time at present to show them. Instead, you get pics of our sky yesterday afternoon when some lovely storms blew up.

Some sun crept through the clouds and lit up a bit of the rain falling - weird huh?

For all of the drama of the clouds we only got 1/2 mm of rain. That means this month we've had about 20mm of rain, less than an inch and less than half of what we would expect.

Sock pics soon! Progress has been made :-)



  1. I love your Saturday sky :)

  2. rain + leaky roof = wimper

  3. Gorgeous Saturday sky! Hope you're feeling better now. My Saturday sky was stormy, too.


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