Sock monkey

G'day all!

What a dreary day we had yesterday - a proper Melbourne winter's day. It rained most of the day, which we depserately needed. Until yesterday we had had only 2mm of rain for the whole of this winter's month! And about 30mm for the whole of winter! We average about 100mm for June and July (interestingly enough, a place that we think has a warmer, nicer winter, being Perth in Western Australia, gets well over 300mm of rain for the same time). It's been a pathetic snow season so far - Lake Mountain, a low level "resort" where we've been cross country skiing at this same time of year in past years, has no snow whatsoever at present (I downloaded a picture it doesn't load properly).

Since it was such a dreary day, I got lots of knitting done. More on that next time cos this is really a post about


See the hair? (Or turban) GREEN! Like mine! But I don't have a dinosaur button/brooch on my hair. However, I believe that my eyes do point in the one direction

See the knitting? Gibbering had such problems with the knitting cos she is not a knitter and was also doing it on rough and horrid skewers - argh! I am very flattered - G did knitting for me!

I didn't get a shot of the crocheted cape that Purplexity whipped up. My bad!

Time for me to get ready for a quick trip to Chaddy, fashion capital of the world, and then the gym.



  1. I wondered what you were talking about with the sock monkey!
    That snow looked fantastic!!!!

  2. So cute! i didn't even notice all the yarny stuff until the next pictures! You do make good use of your time off.

    I thought about doing some shopping today - but it is TOO hot to really leave the house (over 100 F!)

    BTW - I love your green stripes! They're RAD!

  3. I love sock monkey!

  4. Monkey looks cute!

    Love all the dyed wool behind it too! lol

    We have hardly had any rain down here either in Launceston which is a bit unusual.


  5. Don't worry about not blogging my crochet, it was hardly a work of genius. It was on the fly chaos!

  6. You could wear a dragon broach in your hair...

  7. Fantastic Sock Monkey!
    I can't get enough of Sock Monkeys


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