Yarra lovin'

G'day all!

Last week I went on an urban trek on my way to work. Instead of catching the connecting train for the five minute ride from Richmond to the city, I decided to walk along the Yarra instead. It was a bracing morning (read there was a bit of frost about) and I was very glad for my hat, scarf and glove/mitten.

For those of you who are only interested in pictures of knitting, here is the Sock displayed on a gum tree by the Yarra River. It stuck quite well and didn't want to come off agan.

For the rest of you, let's go for a walk. The walk went all the way to the city and so did the camera. Alas the batteries died about 1/3 the way along.... but I repeated the walk on Tuesday, so you get more photos later!

The promise of a beautiful day!

Looking upriver where the train crosses at South Yarra. This shot was taken from the train.

One of Melbourne's most sacred places - the MCG, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, or "the G." Footy is played there, real footy, though the round ball game (that we don't like any more after a stupid umpiring decision) has been played there as has thugby. Oh and of course cricket is played there in summer. The G always holds the Boxing Day test. This year the Poms are back and we're going to whip their butts and win the Ashes back. This is of course after the Mighty Dees win the premiership in the footy in September (ok, maybe I'm dreaming)(if you read the wikipedia article on the G this will make a little more sense to non-Victorians/Australians)

The Eureka tower seen from afar. This is the tallest building in Melbourne, and the newest skyscraper. I believe it is actually apartments. Melburnians are taking to apartments apparently. I still like having some land to dig in.

And the same tower from the Yarra.

This is the Nylex clock, landmark of Melbourne. I know, it is only a clock on an old silo but we likeses it we does! It even features in a song by Paul Kelly
"I'm high on the hill
Looking over the bridge
To the M.C.G.
And way up on high
The clock on the silo
Says eleven degrees..."
(from "leaps and bounds")

The clock was lying. The temperature was not really 7 degrees (C) - there was frost on the ground so I am sure it was less than 4 degrees. My nose nearly froze off!

A while ago an old bridge was made surplus to requirements when the city link project dug two enormous tunnels under the Yarra. The bridge now is only used by cyclists and pedestrians, and the odd maintenance truck. It has fabulous old lamps on it, lamps that I reckon would've been gas lit a hundred or more years ago. THey remidn me of dragons somehow, spiky menacing dragons.

Part of the CBD - the CBD is effectively cut in half by the central shopping area where the building are hmm, max about 12 stories high. Most of them would not even reach six stories. Only in the business end and the "Paris" end do you get the skyscrapers. This pic shows the business/finance end. The tallest building on the left, the blue one, was the tallest building in Melbourne.

OK, that will do for the moment! Part one endeth cos I ran out of good photos.

Tonight I am not going to watch the Tour de France. I was up until midnight last night and now I am whirling, almost literally, from tiredness. Didn't help that I walked at least 8km yesterday.

Tomorrow is my last day at evilexa. Hooray! Panic! Hooray! Relief! Panic! This is a leap of faith, or of desperation. On my way in to work tomorrow, I have to pick up a cake. The cake requires an hour diversion though it would not take that long if I caught the train, only I don't know what train to catch or what station to get off at, whilst I do know what tram to catch. I think. LOL.



  1. Please, please, please Aussies whip the Pommies butts - it was not pleasant being an ex-pat during the last Ashes tour!

  2. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos, Lynne! I love seeing where people live. My favorite pictures are the sock stuck to the gum tree and the lovely lamps on the "surplus" bridge.

  3. Thanks for the tour of your walk throught the city! It was lovely! And I hear what you're saying about the back umpiring for the world cup. The US had some bad calls made on them as well. I think the umps were just red card happy!

  4. I'd have to disagree politely with you about the Ashes :)
    It's about time we had a turn to enjoy them!

    I love your photos of Melbourne - they are fantastic and the sock looks gorgeous!

    Well done you on getting to your last day - I'll be thinking of you.

  5. Hope there's no gum stuck to the sock.

  6. Wow - what incredible views. You take a niiiiice picture :)

  7. Betty-Ann3:22 am

    Hello from New Zealand. Melbourne is one of my favourite cities - I've been there five times, most recently about three weeks ago for the weekend to see my son who now lives there. While I love my own city -Wellington - I think I would find Melbourne very livable. Favourite things (which are probably all very touristy!!) include - the old buildings generally, the cute houses at Williamstown, dinner at the Blue Train, the Aquarium, Brunswick St, the nursery at Brunswick St, the transport system, Camberwell Market, the ships all out on the horizon, the mosaics and other public art.


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