Yarra Daze

G'day all!

Gosh, what a reaction about the gecko! He's only a little bloke - about the size of your pinkie finger, not including all his tail, and peoples have gotten waaay overexcited! Gekoes are good - they eat the bugglies you don't want inside your house - flies and beetles and moths and spiders and gnats. But they are unlikely to eat things like dustmites. You also know that we don't mind having huntsmans in the house and they have double the number of legs that the gecko-of-excitement has, and can grow about double the span....

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, wandering along the Yarra. It was foggy on hmmm, Wednesday? and perfect for atmospheric shots, so I had lots of fun (Sock didn't at this stage cos he was hiding in my backpack and wouldn't come out). No socks were harmed in taking these pictures (but I did get mud on my work pants).

Dormant trees and foggy dawn skies in Gosh's paddock.

A surprise visitor - a kookaburra in Richmond?

The Punt Road bridge. You can probably guess Punt Road took its name from the punt that carried people across the Yarra before the first bridge went it.

Just to get all these shots out of the way quickly, before you think I have an obsession with the Grollo tower, aka the Eureka tower,

I couldn't help taking all those photos (and there were more!). The way it was sticking up out of the fog and the realllly nifty way it was throwing light into the fog (Nathan says that it was actually creating its own fog) just said "Take pictures of me! I am grand and imposing and you must!"

A lot of people row ont he Yarra, or run along the paths, or cycle or walk. Many cyclists use the paths for commuting to work.

The Temple of the Winds in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne.

The trees around are drab and dull, but old man River Red Gum just keeps on rolling along.

The fog started clearing, and the quality of the pictures started getting less misty. (except of course the camera lens has some light scratching on it so the central halo effect continues...)

And yes, there are more pics to go!

Finally, in lieu of knitting or spinning pic, I give you

Cheshire in her favourite pose.


  1. Lynne, I really enjoy your pictures because everything is so different from Vermont. It looks the same, but different. Just the fact that the leaves are off the trees there when we are at the height of summer here is fun. Plus a kookaburra! (I don't travel much, can you tell?)

    It's a good lesson for all of us to pay attention to and cherish what is around us every day, because what we consider normal and sometimes even boring can be totally new and different for others.

    Thanks. :-)

  2. I have no problem with geckos, but we do *not* welcome Huntsmans in the house, thankyouverymuch! ;)

  3. The foggy photos are great, how different the same place look.

    Thanks for the gecko info Nathan! I didn't realise they were so tiny for a start. The photo doesn't give many clues to scale :-) Sounds like they'd be useful little chaps to have around the house if they eat all the pesky creatures.

  4. A kookaburra! Ok, that is so cool. And the foggy looming sleek building pictures are excellent!


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