Bendi = show us your cash(mere)

G'day all!

The Bendi flashing continues! Woo hoo!

A cashmere billy goat eyeballed me curiously, but I've been warned that billy goats have their own particular cologne, so to speak, and stayed a few feet away.

The cashmere kids were very cute

This little bloke/girl lipped my fingers and started nibbling... still very cute, and yes I do have all my fingers!

An angora goat. I love the halo effect around this goat - it just sorta fuzzed in the light. What do angora goats supply?

I bought some bits and bobs from Ixchel, run by Charly (no website! Charly, you need a website!) Isn't her stall pretty? All handspun stuff, except the stuff that is waiting to be spun. There's also some woven tabardy/wrappy things. No I'm not pregnant! I stood in a really really bad way and look enormous!

I didn't buy anything from Sarah Durrant cos I was too busy buying fleece. Sarah stocks Colinette yarns. Mmmm.... She is displaying some point 5 in one of my favourite colourways here :-) At least I've given her a plug.

Now I must show you pics of some of the magnificent rams' horns I saw. Must I tell you!

This is a Drysdale ram - I love this pic. Magnificent horns and a pretty face :-)

A ram jam (my technical term for it) - four sheep were stuck in small cages, obviously not for long periods, for judging.

A merino ram - not all merino rams seem to have big horns like these so I presume he is one of the sub-breeds or they get de-horned or it's an age thing or something. This ram was so big that he barely fit in the cage. I looked at how much he weighed in the fleece and he was over 160kg! (350lb) I'd hate to have to lift him and shear him!

Finally another favourite picture

A headless sheep! Some would say that that is their natural state - brainless!

Tomorrow - Bendi = S E X. Unless I get sidetracked, again. :-)



  1. Ok, I tried to post this yesterday but it didn't work out. I just have one thing to say. That photo with the fiber in the boot of your car? I'm still drooling - that is some nice enhancement!

  2. Great photos, love the angora goat, and all those fluffy sheepses :-)

    I see Point 5 in Jamboree, I think! Wait til you see Lasso in Jamboree knitted up, I will issue sunglasses to readers of my blog :-D

  3. You got some really fun pictures of all the goats and sheep. The rams' horns are particularly cool. Hmm, I think I missed the sheep building at our local fiber festival earlier this year...

  4. Love the photos - that Point 5 is really special :)

  5. Anonymous1:54 am

    Can I make a shameless plug? The cashmere ram boy is one of Peter's ex-boss Charles and wife Trish's flock. Their little concern (Cashdown, website borken) won them quite a few blue ribbons at the Show - yay! Unfortunately for moi, there's no mates' rates for their cashmere :(
    O, and the rams smell overwhelmingly of feta.
    Darrow, who will get around to becoming enblogified one day ...


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