Happy Birthday, Margie

G'day all!

This is just a little commemoration for Margie, who would've been 74 today. Margie ignored the lumps in her breast until it was waaaaay too late.

So this is for you, Margie. Left handed Margie (like me - no wonder Mum was able to deal with her goofy handed youngest), Margie who had nothing and was generous to a fault, Margie with the curly brown hair that we were jealous of (since every last one of us has dead straight hair), Margie who gave me the WORST presents (mostly), Margie whom I would love to be able to talk to now....

Regular blogging tomorrow, if I have time....



  1. Here's to Margie!! Your Auntie?

    If this isn't a case for self-exams and frequent check-ups, I don't know what is. Check those jubblies, ladies!

  2. Indeed, a good reminder for all of us... Take care, Lynne.


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