Signs of Spring

G'day all!

Bendi has come and gone. Pics next time. And the time after that probably too. Maybe even three posts.... cos I haven't gotten all my new stash yet. Peeve has a pic of me I'm hanging onto some of my new woolly stash, and that is the stash that came home in Peeve's car. I haven't picked it up yet.

But first really important stuff - am I not evil? Over the last week, despite this being the time of year when the weather should be at its worst, we've had a few nice days, and a couple of shockers. Some of the plants have decided it is spring. A number of houses in the area have white magnolias which are flowering. I've even seen some pink magnolias flowering. The ash trees are putting out flowers. Cough, gag. Blasted wind pollinated plants. No pics of those - I am freaky enough taking pics in my own yard and standing out in the road taking pics of the sunsets without taking detailed shots of other peoples' plants. (Then again, I have been taking pics of nifty old houses....) We already have pretty much half an hour more daylight, and with the clear skies recently, there's still been colour in the sky at nearly 6pm. That feels weird and freaky, cos normally we have lots of cloud cover and rainy days in July, but so far we've had what 3 days of rain? Without the cloud cover, it doesn't get dark early. It is WRONG I tell you, WRONG! No rain = no snow = no cross country skiing. This is the worst ski season in years!

Without further ado, I give you signs of spring from my own yard, signs that you don't need to be Australian or Victorian to recognise, which is to say the plants are not native to these parts.

The first daffodil.

The first jonquils (well first planted by me - one jonquil came up in the back yard, only it flowered during our one rainy day this month, and it fell over and the snails blimmin et it).

And the last? Here is the advantage of snowy winters or hard frosts.

WEEDS! I spend the WHOLE YEAR weeding, though it isn't too bad in summer cos without water the things die off, leaving their horrid seeds to come up in their place. Grr.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to upload and blog the pics from Bendi. Cross fingers.... Nathan's parents are back from O/S tomorrow night, so this is our last chance to clean up the yard and get stuff to the transfer station without the hassle of arranging to get the car and driving 20 minutes to get it, etc. I had hoped to get rid of the enormous photinias in the back yard and savage/prune the large qld box, but it hasn't happened. Oh well. I also had thought we'd do the kitchen by now but that didn't happen either, cos I am now unemployed and the money for the kitchen may end up being money for living on.

Hooray for unemployment (will I still say that in two months if I am unemployed then?).



  1. Oh wow! And spring is a long time ago for us Brits. Beautiful flowers, Lynne! Better you are happy than with a new kitchen, I say :)


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