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G'day all!

What an interesting day yesterday was. Mental note to self - if going to the guild, which is nearly an hour across town if I drive, and somewhat more than that if I PT it, remember not to go on committee meeting day.... Why? Cos they hold the meeting in the area with the drum carders. The committee meeting is technically over by 12:15 or so, but not when it runs until after 1pm. I did have a good chat with the lady who was the gallery volunteer for the day.

I did eventually get three batts made up, but of course forgot to take pictures of their fluffy goodness. D'oh! I just wanted to spin them! Spin spin spin! 48g of fluffy goodness turned into a 2 ply 108m length of yarn with some noily bits. I decided to add some alpaca you see, only I grabbed the already combed bits with all the noils in them. Oops. It worked a lot better when i grabbed the uncombed bits of alpaca.

Pics when the weather stops being so grey, if I remember to take them...

So now I want a drum carder. It is easier than combing stuff and if I don't add noily bits the resulting yarn is pretty good. Drum carders cost a lot though (>$200 for secondhand if you can find them and >$450 for new ones, and yes I am checking Oz ebay...) and I am unemployed. Sigh. I must work out how to do this shopping cart stuff and create a new yarn page, see if I can flog some yarn and save some money for the carder...

Anyway, whilst I was waiting for the drum carder area to be available I went off to get some lunch. I drove around some of the older areas of town and saw some lovely old buildings. I started taking pictures of some. Then the camera batteries died. I must've forgotten to change them...

This is an old pub, the Aberdeen:

These next pics are not clickable cos they are people's homes and I don't want to provide too much detail...

A Federation style home.

Some Victorian terrace houses.

A late Federation place with bay windown (and upstairs extension) and a Victorian style cottage.

I got some yummy lunch from Silly Yaks, which is a completely gluten free cafe in Northcote. Mmmm :-) It is only 10 minutes drive from the guild, unless I decide to wander around the burbs looking at nifty old houses.

I continued the adventure with the emerald green sock. I turned the heel. The author of the pattern was a bit worried that it would not be comprehensible, but it did work on the second go round when I counted correctly. Ooops! Again, pics when it isn't grey.

Gosh this entry is all about ME! What I did. ME Me ME!

Today? Dunno what I'll do today. Maybe I'll get my hair dyed this time fer sher. Or maybe not. I have to do it soon otherwise it won't wash out by the time I'll be doing temping work. My hair loves hanging onto the dye - it is pale and easily develops green shades and clings to them (eg a month after my wedding I still had distinctly green streaks in my hair, which people commented on at work. Who would dye streaks of their hair green for their wedding? LOL).

Maybe I'll get into the garden when the weather brightens up and start prepping for planting more roses and vegies. Did I mention that I accidentally bought a punnet of leeks when I thought I had bought spring onions? We already have about 200 leeks in the ground and they are actually starting to look like small onion-tribe things, not just grassy weeds. Now that I have about another 300 leeks, I can see we will be giving a lot away if even half of them survive.

Time to stop blathering and start doing something!


PS. Getting bored. Nathan is getting most of my conversation each day.... poor thing.


  1. mmmmmmmm baby leeks. and i can't wait to see what you've been spinning carding, even if it has noily bits.

  2. What a good idea to use the guild's drum carder! At least that saves you heaps of money, and you don't have to store it. Obviously the downside is that it's ... not readily available.
    To show that this is indeed a small world - I was at the MTC last night and met two people who were celiacs and they discussed the merits of Silly Yak! Tiny, tiny world?

  3. Amazing houses! And I am SOOOO jealous of the Silly Yaks restaurant (clever name, too).


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