Bendi = SEX

G'day all!

We are now into the business end of the deal. This is where I start revealing my luscious purchases.

Looking for lush yarn? well, I realised that I only bought two lots of yarn. Pop over to Peeve for a gander at her lush and yummy yarn! And whilst I am linking, visit Purplexity and console her on her pussy costing $1400 and counting. That is her lovely CAT Purple.

OK, where were we? Bendigo stash enhancement.

When I go to Bendi, I tend to go a bit nuts. I buy little amounts of things to try and I buy great gobs of stuff that I know I will like. This is my first year buying fleeces, so excuse me if the yarn enhancement suffered - I can make my own yarn!

Bendigo Woollen Mills purchases:

5 ply yarn to dye, 1 kg of sliver to dye and spin, two bags of "felting" laps to spin and felt. The wool/alpaca/mohair (white and blue with the odd dash of pink) is coming up a treat!

From the Finn Sheep lady:

Finn sheep tops and a bag of pure finn fleece. I have some of her finn X merino and it is verra nice.... Spins up fine, both as in well and as in thin. I should try making laceweight from it. Ahhh....

From Ixchel:

Two rolags of a luscious blend of umm wool. alpaca, angora? Kid mohair in there too? Ooops, can't remember 8-) A bag of bunny fluff. A skein of handspun Galadriel in a different mix to what I bought in June. Plus a skein of laceweight from Fibreworks, only the colour is cactus and the only shot I have that really shows the colourway is badly blurred. If you scroll down and look at the shiny bag I bought the same colourway in tops.

From various places:

Lots of merino tops to play with. Plus some lurex threads to ply stuff with. The shiny bag of sarsparilla tops can't be opened until I want to spin it - I've found that the tops are jammed so hard in that you'll never get them back in after playing with them. One bag of stuff from fibreworks exploded on me once. LOL. As along as it is only tops and fleece that explode at me I'll be happy :-)

A random bag of not too bad randomly dyed locks. I thought these could be spun into yarn as I was plying it to make it more interesting. They aren't prickly - I had worried about that.

From Virginia Farm Woolworks 300g of Optim tops and 250g of 40% silk and merino. mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Yummy!

From Wooleebaa Farm, 1.6kg of Polwarth and just over a kilo of randomly dyed Romney X Corriedale (takes after the romney I fear but I think it will be good for sock yarn, especially if plied or blended with a more delicate fleece).

Finally, a couple of books that I have been interested in for a while. I love the way the viking/celtic stuff is worked into the knitting and Cat's moebius stuff, plus the cute cat pics.... More things to dream over and not make! I can't figure out how I used to work full time and actually get anything done!

If you want contact details for any of these good vendors, send me an email and I'll let you know phone/fax numbers and email addies.

The embarrassment of riches continues tomorrow when I reveal the last three purchases. Oh yes indeed there is MORE! I would take a picture of me rolling around in it all but I can't find a big enough space - certainly not in the house and definately not in the street - I might get run over! though there is plenty of room there - plus I spent 5 years reeking of sheep for my PhD and don't really need to do that any longer....



  1. My God,all that stuff,what fun you're going to have ! Poor me having to see it all and not a hope of getting a chance over here! Oh well I shall have to watch you play!!!!
    Have loads of fun..........

  2. WoW! That lot looks amazing - I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Love your post title! Getting right to the heart of the matter :)

    Everything is so fluffy and gorgeous. I want to touch all of it, and I don't even spin!

    And there's more!!!

  4. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous - a good friend went as well and brought back some 'glitz' from the Boys at Eurora (we affectionately call them "The Boys")....I think I will be contacting Virginia Farm for some optim - have spun that before - it is SO SOFT

  5. Wow - that all looks fabulous stuff. I love the colours! Can't wait to see the finished items!

  6. I'm not a spinner, but it does look like pretty and fun fiber. :) I have both those books! I have a partially done cat bed from the 2nd Treasury...

  7. i swoon. that stuff is stunning! wish there was a decent wool festival around here!

  8. Wow! What fun to buy and spin! (wipes drool)


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