Human, where is my food?

G'day all!

Instead of more Yarra pics (oh yes indeed there are more) and a teaser pic of the toe of a sock, I bring you:


After about half an hour of that stare, I finally gave her some cat crunchies. Cheshire loves meat, Nut isn't fond of it, and of course they had meat for dinner last night.

Later last night, Nathan said "Look up."

Oh my word - there was this:

Another gecko! This one with tail, though it does rather look like Nutmeg had already sampled the delights of the old part of its tail.... I am glad she got fed before any of us noticed this little gecko.

BTW, that is not the true wonder of our study wall - the flash washed the rose pink colour out quite a lot....

Time for Dr Who! Yippee! Oh may the new Doctor not be a clone of my brother in law, who is lovely but a bit chatty. Or loud.



  1. Wow. How the heck do you get them out of your house? I just don't have any experience with lizards, but I can tell you I like them more than spiders!!

  2. so, these creatures just invade your house? i've come to the conclusion from reading your blog that it would be absolutely impossible for me to live in Oz, no matter how much i would like to. i wouldn't mind the lizards, they're wonderful creatures. but i have a deep seated, irrational fear of anything with more than four legs. just can't get over it.

  3. ICK! Lizards are outdoor animals, gecko!

  4. My 2 kitties can out on quite a stare and yowl when they are hungry! It makes me feel truly guilty.

    I love the gecko..but as you know, I am one of those nature nuts. Are they easy to catch and place outside?

  5. Gecko Schmecko - what did you think Of the new Dr Who? Was he all galahy and lorikeety, or OK??

  6. Wheee, 3 cheers for you being free! Love the Yarra walk pics, we want more, I say more :-D

    Amzing that the geckos just amble into your house - do they get in through open windows or doors - not like they are insect or arachnid sized and squeeze through air bricks I think?

    We have just had the last episode of season 2 (season 28 in the old money) with David Tennant as the Doctor, brilliant stuff and once again it ruddy well made me cry :-) Hope you like the new series.

  7. I have no idea how the geckos are getting into the house... perhaps nutmeg is bringing them in and letting them go. This gecko looks like a marbled gecko, which technically is an introduced species in melbourne, coming from the goldfields region and west.

    It doesn't worry us having geckos in the house - geckos are very clean animals, have few transmittable diseases (no gecko flu afaik) and catch all the other wildlife we don't want.

  8. Oh! He's beautiful. (So's Nutmeg too.) Yonks ago I holidayed on the Cook Islands and there were geckos everywhere. Lovely gentle creatures. Cute little toes! They were considered the local natural fly spray - and the houses were remarkably devoid of spiders and flying insects.

    Oh, I wish I had them here!

  9. The gecko is a cute little chap.

    It's just as well Nutmeg had already eaten.

    How did you like Dr Who as I enjoyed it.


  10. Heh, who could resist the Stare of the Nut?


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