One down, lots to go

G'day all!

In a late night rush on Saturday, I finished the first Baudelaire sock:


Then I moved on to the next sock - anyone guess what it is?

It is in Lorna's Laces "childs play" colourway. I've now moved past the short row heel whilst watching the most recent David Rabbitborough thing - whatever planet it is. Lovely pics in it. Lovely views. Nathan has promised that we will some day go flying through fabulous mountain ranges and see those sights.

Plus I set up and cast on for another sock, but no pics yet cos it was around midnight last night when I did this.

I've noticed that now that I don't have to crawl out of bed at 6:30am, I am tending to stay up until midnight or 1 am. Back to my old night owl ways. I have to hook back my going to bed time though cos it is really starting to get wearing - some days I should be in bed by 10 but I just keep on going. It's affecting Nathan, which is bad cos if he doesn't get to sleep well, I suffer the next day ;-)

I want some merino tencel sock yarn from here. Alas, the Bendigo wool show is this weekend and if I buy sock yarn, I can't buy anything at Bendi. I also want heaps of yarn from Spunky Eclectic (eg purple haze, green gables, your majesty, water nymph, creature from the black lagoon, pink lemonade, nice melons, boogie days, mermaid, paisley.... argh, that is like 10 skeins that I would covet and love and eventually make into socks, and that would absolutely shoot my budget to hell and back!).

I am feeling the urge to make this Berocco pattern - it is actually quite nice I think. Even in the plasticine purple colouring. Of course it would have to be in a whack gauge and we don't get berocco yarns here (unless we shell out online of course, and see above - I'm going to Bendi this week and why do I need to show some restraint? See last July's entries. It took me about four posts to get all the fleece and stuff blogged so you'll need to scroll down...).

I've been wandering around the UK handknitting webpage. It doesn't bring up the urls in the box at the top, so you too can wander around and poke at stuff and find the instructions to make a knitted birdbox and flowers and stuff if you follow the right links. Don't ask me how I found the right links - I think it was in events...

Some pretty stuff here.

Finally, I want to be able to dye yarn and make socks like one of Saturday's socks

(the sock on the left - if I could dye yarn to make the one on the right, I'd be a millionaire cos you all would buy heaps of my yarn and I'd probably have to charge like a wounded bull for it, plus I would need to find a wholesale source of sock yarn cos I don't have one at present)

Nutmeg seems less than impressed though.



  1. oh, i didn't know plasticine looked that shade. what is plasticine? i like it too, but they needed to show it on a curvier model. just looks odd on her. and berroco yarns aren't all that great anyway. try to find something that will get the same gauge.

    and i bought some roving from spunky eclectic. i think i showed the yarn i made from it.

    and i'm with you, if you can make sock yarn do circles, just by dyeing it that way, you deserve bill gates status in the knitting world!

  2. Oooh well done on finishing Baudelaire! It looks lovely!
    You have been busy - but you do sound ever so happy.

  3. the sock is just gorgeous! well done!

  4. Sockie no. 1 looks fab, what a great pattern. Will you make pairs or is it going to be one of each pattern?

    Love those sock yarns on the linkie.

  5. Your Baudelaire sock looks great, but the big question - is it firm and comfortable? I've made a few patterns which loosen and get a bit saggy, and am looking for a patterned knit that actually doesn't stretch too much.

  6. Yay, Bau sock!! Yay cool new sock!

    Hmm, would you make the sweater asymmetrical? I have one asymmetrical sweater (Best Friend Jacket from The Knit Stitch) and I was knitting it over, I would make it symmetrical. People ask way too many questions (is it supposed to be like that?!).

  7. Baudelaire is a cool looking sock!


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