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G'day all!

Weelll, well, well. It seems that now that I am no longer a tortured soul, the comments disappear! Or maybe I am the boringest blogger ever. Or maybe bloglines hasn't updated. Blogger had pics down earlier today (5pm PST - gosh thanks for that indication of the time, dudes, should I log everything here as EST and see if that stuffs you up cos you have NO IDEA what EST means? Yes, PST means pacific standard? time but what UMT is that?) and typepad fell over and died bigtime - noone's blog would load...

Yesterday was a very big day. I loaded the trailer with garden refuse (green waste though it was pretty brown) and took it off to the transfer station and brought back a load of mulch which I unloaded pretty much by myself (one wheelbarrow full from Nathan). That's a cubic metre of mulch moved. Then I reloaded the trailer. ALL BY MYSELF. Before lunch. Lunch was late - 2:30, at least for me. Someone else "is working full time this week" and had lunch at a more reasonable hour. (If he says "I'm working full time this week" one more time I'll kick him cos half the time he seems to be talking to his mates online, and he is using it as an excuse to avoid doing any house stuff apart from dirtying dishes.) In the evening I saw the physio, who butchered my poor arm again. OK it is making my tennis elbow better. Topping it off nicely, I had horrible arm cramps from 2 until 4am.... Typing is hard today. My arm hurts a bit on occasion - it feels like it has the flu. It is like all those horrid myalgic feelings of the flu have concentrated in my left forearm. And it is blasted freezing here - a wickedly cold northerly is blowing (northerlies are usually our hot winds but not in winter!).

But I can still knit and spin - those things distract stupid arm from hurting :-)

I'll stop gabbing/moaning and start showing pics instead.

The RPM sock continues - I am now on the ribbing. Hooray! I am sick of this sock now. Oh, it does fit better than it appears - I just rammed it on my foot quickly cos it was cold outside. And it is in sock weight, not the medium weight sock yarn specified. Can I ever do stuff in the right way?

A new sock has been started :-) No progress for a day though cos I am finishing RPM, which is taking FOREVER or so it feels. Mrspao sent me this yarn - it is called Forest Walker from Curious Yarns. It isn't my usual colour taste, and I know I should be knitting it next month but it is very groovy. It is good to be taken out of your normal little rut in colours on occasion.

I found a little fellow lurking in a pot - he is a typical skink. Unfortunately, I chopped the tip of his tail off with a pot. Ooops. It will grow back. I put him in the greenhouse and took the cats inside so that they would not find him and torture him.

Finally, here's a few little teasers of some of the dyeing I've been doing recently:

A wool laceweight in shades of raspberry - colour isnt' quite right but the camera hates bright pinks and reds.

Some 8 ply "perendale" wool, colours almost bang-on.

Some more 8 ply wool, with lovely sheen and the colours? Pretty much my favourites, if I have to chose one colour - the turquoisey colours of water over white sand. Ahhhh.

As always, if you are interested in any of the yarn on my blog, anything I've dyed or spun, let me know! Maybe we can do a deal :-) One day I'll get this shop of mine up and running. I'd just have an etsy shop except I wnat to destash some too and etsy is for hand-done stuff.

That'll do for today! haven't got fresh pics this afternoon - too cold to go outside and get pics and it is dark now, a lowering and gloomy dark with yucky clouds scudding overhead.



  1. I like your 'sea over sand' one too! I'm going to have to get dyeing again as soon as it cools down a bit - its 32C in ENGLAND!!! Can you believe it?

  2. Yesterday, it was 39#176;C here at six o'clock at night. Wish we had some of that chill you are having.

    The Forest Walker is cool.

  3. Um, PST is, I think, UMT+7.

    I LOVE the sock you're knitting from the Forest Walker yarn - what pattern is that? RPM is looking very cool, too.

    Argh, blogger is being wonky about comments. Please delete if this comment gets posted more than once!

  4. Ouch - glad you can knit though. I really love your socks today and I love what you are doing with the Forest Walker :)

  5. Youch - but I agree, at least you can still knit and spin :)

    beautiful socks, lizard and fabby yarn!!

  6. Looooooooove the look of your socks as well as the dyed yarn.

    The skink is soooooooo cute.

    I sympathize with you on the tennis elbow.


  7. LOL as you noted it is VERY hot here and not a time to spend on the computer, so I have been a bit scarce online this week.

    Love your hand dyed yarn. Must not look due to stash threatening to take over house :-D I pounced on the Patons fab in pink tonight and cast on the Heart scarf from knitty, it will be slightly narrower than the original but it is looking verra nice indeed.

  8. Wow that Forest Walker is gorgeous! Not my usual taste either, but awfully pretty. And the pretty pretty dyed yarns! Love those candy colours :)

  9. Water over white sand, very lovely indeed. That just happens to be my favourite colour!!

  10. That turquoisy yarn is so pretty.


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