Bendi = TOTT (totally over the top)


OMG what am I going to do with all this fleece?


What madness gripped me?

G'day all!

At last I come to the end of the Bendi photos. *phew*

A kilo of polwarth from Wendy Dennis. This is a really clean fleece and I might try spinning it in the grease. If you mouse click on the pic and look at the big pic you can see the crimp quite clearly in the bottom centre/right.

From Andyle, more than a kilo of the most beautiful spotty silver and white merino fleece I've ever seen. This is truly a yummy yummy fleece. I've already washed some up (mainly cos some of the tips are a bit clagged otherwise I'd just spin it in the grease cos the white bits are quite white). Tonight I've started spinning the softest finest yarn I've ever made from this fleece. I am in lerv, baby! Cheryle said it was a lovely fleece, one of her favorites.

2.7 kilos of merino/corriedale cross from Bennett and Gregor. This is another extremely soft fleece. I loved the different colours in it and decided to buy the whole lot cos I couldn't pick out what parts to take....The staple is quite short, mostly around 5cm with some bits about 8cm long, which is a shame but the fleece is reallllllly yummy! Soft and almost edible! You get lots of shots of this even though I think I like the silver spotty fleece more.

Maybe at this point I should break into "for we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl...."

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but it seems I prefer fleece. If only I could lay it all out and roll on it without felting it or getting it dirty....

OK, as a reward for sitting through the tedium of my purchases, I give you the tedium of some random shots snapped from the car on the way back from Bendigo.

Grand buildings in Bendigo - being a gold boom town, it really showed off the wealth way back when.

The road to Melbourne. Blue skies, little traffic and 100kmh. River red gums and box ironbarks (gum trees) line the roads.

A bit of a late afternoon view, slightly skewed.

A small car fled down the freeway in front of me.

Hanging Rock.

After sunset on the Western Plains.

And a snippet of news for Babylon 5 fans :-) (And dang you Andreas for smoking so many cigarettes for so long and killing yourself. Still cranky about that. The smokes kill. Straight out. Only the genetically lucky survive.)

Tomorrow I might show some of my recent progress on the sock project. Not really that much to show off - I've been too busy in the garden and playing with my new fleece. The croc sock is starting to look like an overgrown pulse warmer - I'm less than 20 rows from the heel turning now, thank heavens. Not sure what the croc sock is? Tune in next time to see!



  1. What? That's it? That's all you got?! ;)

  2. More fleece????

    Gorgeous pics of your trip!

  3. Wow. You're going to be spinning and spinning and spinning. I think you may need to rename your blog Fleeciverous : )

  4. OMG! Look at all that fiber! What a lucky girl you are to get to play with all that!

  5. That's beautiful fleece. I'm looking forward to seeing what you spin :)

  6. LOVED seeing the pics of Bendigo and the road to Melbourne. Used to spend a LOT of time in that neck of the woods, and made me quite nostalgic! Now living (and knitting thanks to the air-con) in 40C+ heat in the mid-east.

  7. Wow - Bendigo sounds fantastic and seems to put the UK's WoolFest to shame! Loved the road shots, it's great to get an idea of where everyone is whilst reading the blogs! Can't wait to see what you do with the fleeces!

  8. Beautiful fleeces!


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