G'day all!

What a perfect winter's day in Melbourne today. It drizzled for most of the day. That is the sort of winter's day I remember from my childhood! None of this sunny stuff, bright and brittle, nope, endless days of drizzle with the odd cold front thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, back to the topic of fuzz.

Here's some Polwarth locks:

I am not exactly sure that I washed them particularly well cos they seem very greasy. Maybe this is the lot that I didn't wash...

Anyway, after some dedicated work on a cheap tile from the hardware place with a dog slicker and much butchering of my poor fingers when I missed with the dog slicker, the locks look like this:

That fuzz is probably two locks of fleece. It never fails to amaze me how this stuff puffs right up when it is brushed. Like Hermione's hair would puff up when brushed. I "flick" it and make sure there are few snarls and as little in the way of second cuts, then I can spin it without bothering to comb it.

It makes a soft and fuzzy yarn, like this silver polwarth and the brown comeback fleece I spun earlier this week:

Here's a closeup of the silver polwarth:

It is so yummy! Such a pretty colour for something that is effectively grey.

One day I will blog my walk along the Yarra but picking three or four pics when there are 20 ones I like is hard....



  1. Pretty pretty yarn - it's amazing that the first picture becomes the last...


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