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G'day all!

I am awfully fickle at the moment. I am loving so many yarns and spinny things I am doing. I guess I am starting to relax a bit...

Here's my current love:

You need a closeup of that colour mix.

This is my favourite colour of Jet - the one with every colour Jet in it! I am knitting up a jacket and have chosen to have the stocking stitch part in a violet coloured Jet. I am not dead sure if it will work yet but so far so good...

And this is extra special bunny fluff love - you can't see the holographic shimmer on the "silver" thread in any of the pics I took, but it is there!

I have a need to work on some brighter, happier socks. The dark blue socks are a bit dull at present. I made a little weeny cover out of leftover sock yarn for my weeny little mp3 player today. It is very cute. I am working on a more sophisticated design in some lurid yarn at present...



  1. The Jet's looking mighty pretty.

  2. I've never seen Jet before! Yum.

    Heh, I LOVE my ipod shuffle cozy/necklace - it's in the top 5 most useful things I've ever knit.

  3. That IS a beautiful colorway! It looks great in the moss stitch, too.

  4. The Jet is a great colour for you - and it's also great to hear you sounding so relaxed!

  5. So purty and so soft and so you all at once! How will you cope?

  6. I have to agree with everyone else - I love that Jet!


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