Bau goes to Uni

G'day all!

Last week, last Friday to be precise, Baudelaire went to Monash Uni.

At first Bau sock was stuck in a nasty dark bag, but eventually he made a triumphant appearance in

a Cootamundra wattle!

You know you are in Australia

when the wattles are flowering in July and a ruddy great big eucalypt (gum tree) is in the background. It is a pity that the flowering only lasts a week or two for this sort of wattle, but there are about 800 other species that can take over.

Bau sock visited an apple tree that is supposedly a scion of the tree that dropped the apple on Sir Isaac Newton's head.

And a banksia, which obligingly offered up two spikes of flowers.

He even found a flowering peach or cherry in which to lurk! I've never seen these flowering so early. The Cootamundra wattles(aka weedy wattles) are bang on time but not the flowering cherries/etc.

It briefly hung out in the tree where so many of my friends hung out (literally) in our undergrad days. That is TWENTY YEARS ago now! The rest of us sat on the grass. I spent many many hours digging bindii out with my bare fingies, making it safe for our bottoms to sit on that grass.

Other knitting continues. The RPM sock is almost done - another 10 rounds of pattern then the ribbing. I'm knitting it backwards :-) Then Widdershins, Broadripple, umm another one or two I guess (but I am unlikely to do the colourwork ones). Another sock is in progress - more on that tomorrow :-) It involves beads!



  1. The socks are beautiful and I enjoyed seeing all of the different plants too.

  2. Your plants all sound so mysterious and exotic to me!! Great pictures. :)

  3. Ahem! First - the curious socks are just beautiful, as they all are, but that colorway is just a fav of mine. Second - Miss Lynne - I find my blog mysteriously lacking in comments from that side of the globe....ahem......


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