G'day all!

I'm back!
Not a bad view

It was a bit of a whirlwind trip to NYC really.  I said goodbye to this view earlier today, and then jfk gave me a lovely sunset

But I'm home now and Seattle has given me a warm welcome home, or at least a typical one.

Yep it is chilly and trying to rain.  And the forecast is chilly and most likely succeeding at rain.

One thing that quite freaked me out on the plane was seeing someone I know through the SnB knitting group in Melbourne featured on the tv options on the plane.  Stella talked about not being inspirational - she is small and in a wheelchair but why is that inspirational?  Stella is funny (she's a stand up comedian) and clever and I'd like her anyway.

Delta has entertainment consoles for all!
And if you cough up for the slightly better seats
you get food, grog and entertainment!

I also watched a very good talk about shark-proofing people, along with one that Sting gave about getting over his song-writing block.  Sting gives a powerful performance, though he doesn't really sound like Sting - he is using his chest voice I guess.

Anyway, I need to get to bed - I've had two late nights in a row.  It is nearly three am according to my body.  Yargh!



  1. Shark proofing people?!? Ive wondered what happened to Sting, maybe I'll hear more of him now he's over his writing block. It can be disconcerting seeing someone you know from a different part of your life pop up in a different context.


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