So I crawled out of bed last night

G'day all!

I was rather excited last night.  There was to be an eclipse of the moon.  A lovely red moon would grace our skies.  A battle moon, for those who have read certain books.  (tell me in the comments if you know what I'm referring to).

Of course what happened an hour before sunset?

Le sigh.

Yep, the fog that had been threatening rolled back in along with a good dose of clouds.  I even got up twice in the wee hours (there's a reason why they are called wee hours... though I didn't twice...) to check and sigh.  No moon for me!

Every time there's a forecast of something interesting happening in Seattle's skies, Seattle says no.

No, I don't want people to see that meteor shower.  No eclipses for you!  No northern lights, no no no no NO!

Of course tonight?


It is clear with only a hint of fog!  Naturally!

(Some pics here thanks to good old Aunty in Australia.  My home city is looking amazingly lit up!)

Imagine this is perfectly straight along with
nicely framed.  I was squatting awkwardly, okay?

Since it was pretty clear, I popped up to Sunset Hill before zooming off to the monthly Seattle Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  There are plenty of things happening over the next few weeks and many many more things to come than are listed here!

And we had an interesting talk from Cevin from the Bernina shop in Renton.  He told us about some basic maintenance things we should be doing with our machines (including telling me where I specifically should be oiling my machine), and brought along a terminator Bernina that was HUGE!  It actually has a much nicer action than what the animated GIF shows but the animated pic is amusing in itself.

I won a door prize!  Me!  A lovely book, 'The Modern Bee Book, 13 quilts to make with friends.'

Now all I need is quilty friends... lol.



  1. We had the same cloudy sky masking the moon too. Lucky you belonging to a fun guild that has such great guest speakers. I'd never thought of the apt naming of the wee hours.

  2. I have borrowed that book from The Library and it's good well done. Snap, it was cloudy here too. I did see the eclipse at the museum last time at the Planetarium though.


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