Oh so close

G'day all!

Ever get that feeling of everything being oh so close, being almost there but knowing that you still have to put in more effort before you get something completed?

Yep, I'm living it.

Ah Ballard - palm tree and claret ash.
Claret ashes arose in Australia!

After I finished fixing all the bits I could see to fix in the current training module I'm creating and said it is ready for first level testing, I went out to the garage and did a bit more priming.  I thought we were past priming but we've used this stuff called oriented strand board, or OSB, for the walls and ceiling of the garage.  OSB is like enormous particle board - instead of tiny pieces, it has up to hand-sized flat pieces that go every which way.  Think paper but with large flat pieces and paper that is half an inch/13mm thick (or more).  Some of the wood used is oily and this is causing a problem.   Even after about four layers of plaster/spackle goop, primer and ceiling white, some of the oil is coming through from the OSB and making brown marks in the white expanses of walls and ceiling.

So today I hauled out the big gun - some shellac-based primer.  Goodness it whiffs.  It is sorta fruity, DH says like metho, but it is fruitier than that.  Anyway I put the chemical respirator on cos I don't need more loopiness from breathing fumes.  I'm loopy enough as it is!

This primer is very very runny.  Didn't take me long to work that out when pouring it from the tin and then watching dribbles run down the wall from the roller and splatters from it as I did the ceiling, but even being careful I didn't realise that it was spraying little tiny droplets off right over DH's parka (that shouldn'tve been in the garage anyway).

Now he has a black parka with the most fetching tiny little polka dots on the hood.

And with any luck, the OSB won't stain through this stuff - online sources say to use it to stop bleed through from OSB - and we'll be able to run more ceiling white over it to make everything white white again.

We don't really want white white but DH wants to play with using LED lights to change the colour of the walls and ceiling, so white is a pretty convenient colour to use.

I'm knitting another Entrechat.  Pics when more of it is done.

I'll be glad when both of my modules are through testing and up on the website, ready to sell.  Hopefully some groups will buy them!  And I'll be even gladder when the garage is done.  It is limping towards completion.  If the shellac-based primer works then we can finish the inside completely.  It only needs the paint and the wall board attached, then the trim around the door and windows, plus one cover thing put on the light switches.  One of the windows needs to be put in correctly - it is only in as a temporary fix and currently lets water into the building in a really bad way.   The outside needs the shingling finished and the trim, plus the gutters, then a new coat of paint.

The garage will be a work in progress for a while yet - DH has grand plans for it - but we need to get the electrical and building inspections done so it is all signed off and legal.  Then he can play, build shelves, experiment with ventilation ideas, etc.  We just have to focus on getting it done so he can play!

After the rain, the calm.  A good start to the day!

And when he has space to play, I will have space to play too!  Yay!



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