Socked in

G'day all!

One of the glories in living in different places is learning different terminology.

It was foggy for most of the day today but around 4pm the fog cleared away and the sun came out and it was lovely.  You could see the mountains and all was good in this little part of the world.  I decided to walk to the beach to watch sunset as I had been to Sunset Hill last night.  DH came with me but hadn't put a fleecy top on - it is cooling off quite a bit now and we are out of the habit of putting jumpers on.

Anyway walking to the beach rather than up the hill may have been a mistake - I could hear the fog horns but hadn't put two and two together.

I would say that sunset tonight was foggy.

The locals call it "socked in."

Whatever your terminology is, it certainly was a different sunset!  By the time the cirrus clouds lit up pink, the fog had completely covered us, rather ruining the effect I was hoping to see of pink clouds, fog and pink reflections in the water.  15 minutes later, after we had walked most of the way home and the colours had faded, the fog had lifted again.

If I can trust the weather forecast, this may be one of the last sunsets I get to see for a while - the forecast is not very promising unless you like wet and cold.  It is excellent timing for the new skylight to go into the bathroom roof (I would say ceiling but half the ceiling is missing - DH will most likely cover the ceiling hole with some insulating foam until the plasterboard goes in.  It is going to be too cold to let the heat all escape into the well ventilated attic!).  I guess I will have to get the woollies out again along with the coats.

We have also located a source of quinces.  Nom!



  1. Very picturesque sunsets!! If it gets too cold you can wear 6 pairs of socks to keep warm and say your socked in. I love the smell of real quinces.


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