Dilly dally Sunday

G'day all!

Today was a pretty quiet sorta Sunday - off to the market, get the farm fresh eggs that we like so much (supermarket eggs just do not compare), pick up a pile of autumn fruit and veg (cauliflowers are in!  Apples are in!  Pumpkins are in!), putter back home, clean out one of the vegie bins in the fridge.

DH fixed up the roof around the new skylight today - we've had a small bucket under a leak.  With any luck, we won't have a leak now that there is roofing material right up to and around the skylight along with the flashing...  The flashing might be great but it doesn't work so well if the rain is falling straight on the non-watertight under-roof structure (Americans make complicated roofs.  We just whack up enough substrate to hold up the tiles or sheet metal, but American roofs have to have layers of strand board, then membrane (generally), tar paper and finally the roof-stuff itself, asphalt shingles).

Pretty cool car, dunno what it is.
I am sure someone will enlighten me.

A quick (ha!) run to Lowe's, where I was lucky not to come home with two really cheap apple trees - we escaped only because I could not figure out how to get them in my car.  There are advantages to little cars you know and not bringing home big stuff is one of them!  Still I came home with a gallon/4L of a lovely green mistint for five bucks.  I'm quite tempted to whack it up in the hall way and the entrance area of the house.

And then Ballard market, where DH and I had a fight over me waiting for a car park rather than just driving up the end where 40 seconds before there had been lots of car parks.  I thought I had a good close park, a woman had gotten in her car, her kid was strapped in, and then she dug around in the passenger footwell and the kid decided to sit on the other side of the car and then she did her makeup and her hair....  And DH is crabbing at me for waiting so I drive up to discover that the many empty spots had disappeared.

Some hydrangeas have not gotten with the program.
It's time to go to sleep, not flower!

It seems everyone went shopping at the same time as us.  The car park holds at least a hundred cars and suddenly we were all competing for spots.

Of course as soon as I got the car installed in a spot at the top end of the lot, three close spots opened up, including that of the woman I had been waiting for.

It was rather blowy last night, though not as exciting as the thunderstorm in Melbourne.  It was still pretty blowy this morning, when DH was up on the roof fixing the shingles.  It had calmed a lot by this evening, and the best part of it being windy?

All the red leaves got blown away.

We saw the sun!  We got lots of sun today ;-)  I like it when we have what I call weather - we might get some sprinkles but you can be sure that they will move on rather than hanging around all day.  I'm not too good with dreary weather.

Sorta blurry and not quite right in colour but good enough

I am going to start a new knit.  My cardie is in a time out, probably not for long, just for long enough that I get some enthusiasm back on it.  I've bought a copy of Entrechat (ravelry link, hope it is open to the public, and if it isn't, it is a cute little baby/toddler bolero) and will knit it up in some Dream in Color Classy in Pansy Golightly.   I've had the yarn in stash for ages, I've been meaning to use it with another colourway (Lunar Zazzle) but it hasn't happened so far so I'll bite the bullet and use it to make a baby top.  Only the best yarns for my peeps!  I won't knit with acrylic - I don't enjoy it - so I have to use washable wool or cotton.  I could get some Cascade 220 but I've got yarn in stash that is crying to be used so why not use it?  I have beautiful yarn and it needs to be used, and with any luck the receivers of said yarn-knitted-into-things will look after it.  And if they don't, well I will probably never ever know.

This was a hint that I was slow to take on board.

And what happens sometimes when we have sun and clouds?

But dinner was in the oven and the cold shopping
put away

We get a pretty-ish sunset!

Odd how sunset now looks cold.  It wasn't that cold.



  1. Lovely photos Lynne. I tried commenting using iPad but your blog would not accept it. Have used iPad on other blogs.

    I love cauliflower too. Last week I broke one into flowerets, dipped them in some oils and harissa and roasted about 25 minutes. Added a can of lentils, lemon juice and zest and some more harissa. Really great salad.

    This morning I saw something which may interest you as I know you are GF. Do some searching on cauliflower pizza base. The blog I saw it on is run by a mum with small children. Apparently it was a huge success.


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